5 Reasons to Buy Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Everyone desires beautiful hair. The lustrous length, the voluptuous volume, the eye-grabbing locks of the hair are a must in every girl’s bucket-list.

Sounds magical? Well, it’s time to buy stick hair extensions to make your dream hair a reality. What wonders are there in stick hair extensions? Let’s find out.

1. Get Natural Look: Stick tip hair extension is a pre bonded hair extensions. It helps you to add some additional length and volume. As the process involves using a hook or loop, in order to fit easily to your hair giving you a natural appearance. At Adele Hair, the best resource for online micro loop hair extensions, you will get plenty of options to shop the best one for you.


2. Get your desired length and volume: Stick tip hair extensions are the best options to get your attractive length and volume. As this hair extension is easy to set, you can try unique styles with yours renew length and volume.

Often the stick tip hair extensions are known as the “i” tip hair extensions. This term is used in relation to applying hair extensions directly onto strands of your own hair. Here lies the best perk of the stick-hair extension. You get the growth or volume of the hair from inside which makes your hair more beautiful.

3. Sport any style you desire: Adele Hair offers a wide range of stick tip hair extensions. Not just length or greater volume, once you buy stick tip hair extension from Adele Hair, you can instantly achieve curly locks, wonderful waves, stunning silky straight hair depending on your mood and occasion. If you want to be little bold, go for jazzy colors or striking highlights. Stick tip hair extensions offer you many options to play with your hair.

4. No Commitment: Online micro loop hair extensions from Adele Hair will never ask you to spend your lion’s share of time in maintaining it. Available in polished and shining condition, it will glam up your hair in no time. Buy stick tip hair extensions today and get rid of cleaning, conditioning, drying, curling, combing, and shining your hair for all day long. Stick tip hair extensions gives your hair new life. Period!

5. Zero damage to your natural hair: Don’t fret on using the stick tip hair extensions from the house of the Adele Hair. Free from any synthetic materials, the best resource for online micro loop hair extensions, the Adele Hair provides 100% Remy human hair extensions. You can grow your natural hair without any headache.

There is another perk of using the stick tip hair extensions of coloring, straightening and perming your hair vendors. Hair procedures such as coloring, straightening, and perming often damage our natural hair. In our efforts to stay in trends, we spoil our hair, length and volume. Opting to buy the stick tip hair extensions keeps you away from the calamities and experiment with different looks with a big AYE.

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Wear proper motorcycle clothing to enjoy safe rides

A motorcycle is usually used as a cheaper alternative mode of transportation. It is a 2 wheeler motor vehicle such as the street bike, the cruiser, scooter or a sport bike. There are also 3 wheeler motorcycles available. People ride motorcycles for long and short distance travel e.g. commuting to and from work, or to run their daily errands. Motorcycles are also used for sport racing, off the road riding or dirt riding, and motocross racing.

There are many brands of motorcycles e.g. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. Motorcycle is a popular mode of transport for the lower income group as well as the average income group. Motorcycle is cheap compared to a car and it has low fuel consumption. Motorcycling is dangerous because the riders are fully exposed and are without any protection shield or covering around them compared to the car drivers.


Motorcycle clothing are designed to help minimize the extent of injuries to the motorcyclists sustained during accidents, crash or falls. Every motorcycle rider should be encouraged to wear proper safety motorcycle clothing for their own protection.


Every motorcyclist when out riding, should be wearing an armored motorcycle jacket. An armored motorcycle jacket is important to ensure added protection. There are many variety of jackets, made from different materials such as leather, textile, and mesh. There are also many brands of motorcycle jackets that are armored, each offering competitive prices for the benefits of their customers. Popular brands also supply ample choices of women’s leather motorcycle jacket with armor to meet the needs of their women customers.

A motorcycle jacket is to keep the rider warm and comfortable in the cold weather. It is also to protect the rider from the blazing hot sun. A waterproof motorcycle jacket is to keep out the rain and cold. A good quality jacket is protect your skin, flesh, muscles, bones, etc. in case of an accident, crash, or fall.

A good quality armored jacket should be able to shield rider from both the hard impact and abrasion. Preferably the jacket should be water resistant as well. The jacket should be comfortable with good fit, without being tight to restrict easy movement. It also should be too loose to expose the body parts in case of a fall. All jackets should have double or triple stitching for all types of materials to prevent tearing along the joints.

Bikers have a wide selection of branded jackets to choose from depending on your budget. Jackets come in different designs, materials, colours, etc.

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Ways to Choose Healthy Virgin Malaysian Hair

With the much desire and interest in impeccable hair, your hair market has witnessed an increase of several kinds of virgin hair weave, which are lovely. Lots of virgin hair weaves are beautiful, but virgin Malaysian hair is among a few that sticks out among others. Should you expect to putting on a hair with unreal level of smoothness and silkiness, you need to keep virgin Malaysian hair inside your shopping cart software. What’s Malaysian hair?

Like suggested by its name, Malaysian hair originates from East Asia. The hairs are become from women of Malaysian descent via donations at Malaysian temples in return for money. On rare occasions, these hairs are donated under your own accord, free of charge. Certainly, among the best, it’s broadly loved because of its texture, they sometimes have a lustrous look as well as in variations to fulfill different demands. Typically the most popular or generally purchased ones are straight, body wave and kinky frizzy hair. Unlike other kinds of hair, virgin Malaysian hair will typically not curl when wet. After shampooing, your hair could have a slight wave, nevertheless its texture will stay straight with a lot of body and bounce. Using its sleek luxurious texture and the perfect quantity of shine, Malaysian hair may blend perfectly with many hair types.


Five methods to identify virgin Malaysian hair

Quite understandably, everybody uses a guarantee of durability using their investments, despite appearance like virgin hair. Genuine Malaysian hair doesn’t come cheap, however, you can seek relief for a time in the truth that the sturdiness from the hair is among its best features. With good care and employ, your Malaysian virgin weave can last well more than a year. Being able to withstand cold and dry temperatures alike, while keeping its strength with minimal breakage makes this hair essential-use. Virgin Malaysian hair holds moisture very well. When virgin hairs weave get too dry, there’s some inclination of breakage or shedding. And instead of other weaves that simply dry out once the weather will get just a little warm, Malaysian hair has that density that can help it hold moisture for some time longer. This awesome feature is basically related to the weather, diet and genetics from the Malaysian people.

Probably the most viable proofs of top quality and healthier hair could be judged by the amount of a gentle and smooth feeling you receive from touching it. Whenever your run your fingers through top quality virgin hair, tthere shouldn’t be resistance or pulling. You need to literally have the ability to have the protective cuticle layer that keeps your hair moist and healthy. Although, Malaysian extensions might be thicker than Indian hair, the gentleness from the hair texture is simply suitable for similar virgin hair types all over the world. Malaysian hair are super smooth to the touch, and despite its fullness and thickness, still it feels very lightweight around the mind after installation. Malaysian hair moves superbly due to its density. It’s filled with bounce, regardless of how its styled, it’ll always provide you with the body that can make you appear your very best each time.

Choosing the healthy virgin Malaysian hair might grow to be tougher than you believe since the market is filled with fakes. But we’ve come up with probably the most prominent features that will help you identify genuine Malaysian hair rapidly and the way to do a little tests to find out authenticity.

Malaysian hair is available in colors varying from chestnut brown to close black. They will likely be heavier and thicker than other virgin hair weaves on the market. It’s available in a wavy style with slight bends to get rid of body waves. Malaysian hair are denser, softer and silkier than Indian hair and very shiny.

Malaysian hair are so great it costs a lot of money, so, if you are spending anything under $100 on 2 bundles, it’s most most likely fake. Virgin hair are a good investment and you simply must splash that cash to obtain that appear to be.

Have the hair, make certain it feels soft and advertising media are both hands through, it ought to run easily. Whether it feels anything apart from soft, it’s not healthy virgin hair.

Virgin hair are usually unprocessed hair, without having any chemical. So, whenever you bring your nostrils close also it has the aroma of a lot of chemicals, then you’ve your solutions. You’ve got to be subtle concerning the smelling exercise, you shouldn’t get bumped out smelling hairs.

The burn test can also be good at looking at healthier hair. Burn a strand and appearance whether it has the aroma of real hair vendors whether it doesn’t, you cannot purchase that hair.

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Short Help Guide to Art Deco Style Engagement

Purchasing a emerald and diamond ring can be a major purchase, and before buying you need to consider all of your options and make certain you’re acquiring the right ring. One unique option that you desire to think about is certainly an old-fashioned Art Deco gemstone diamond engagement ring. The Skill Deco period, between 1925-1939 switched out most likely the most amazing designs in architecture, interior decorating, furniture, cars you’ll find, gemstone diamond engagement rings. Let’s take a look at exactly why is antique Art Deco gemstone diamond engagement rings unique and why selecting one for future years wife may be the solution you’re looking for.


The Skill Deco movement was characterised through geometric shapes, symmetry and effective, contrasting colors. Kinds of Art Deco in architecture are the Chrysler Building in New You’ll be able to and Radio City Music Hall. Much like these structures, Art Deco engagement rings frequently feature stacked designs with numerous smaller sized sized gemstones surrounding a larger, central stone. The gemstones are frequently loss of strong geometric shapes and so are created using symmetry in your thoughts.

Another manifestation of Art Deco design can be a strong contrast in colors. Even though some Art Deco gemstone diamond engagement rings are make with yellow or white-colored-colored gold, probably the most popular metals throughout the day for rings was platinum. The colourful white-colored-colored in the platinum provided sharp contrast while using gemstones and helped to create the characteristic Art Deco style.

Intricate filigree tasks are another element generally contained in antique Art Deco style gemstone diamond engagement rings. The intricate patterns in the filigree work are frequently along with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies to create elegant, sophisticated designs. Frequently occasions the filigree concentrate on they is actually detailed and sophisticated the rings are miniature pieces of art themselves.

Most Art Deco gemstone diamond engagement rings are larger than today’s standard gemstone diamond engagement ring since they have multiple gemstones or filigree work. Although you will find reproduction rings, you might like to opt rather for implementing a real antique ring. Frequently occasions the craftsmanship superiority older rings surpasses modern rings. Furthermore, in the event you spend time searching around you’ll be able to usually find bargains on antique Art Deco rings therefore you could convey more ring your money can buy.

An excellent factor about selecting a classic-fashioned aquamarine engagement rings are that you simply are preserving a little bit of the bygone era and taking it together with you for your future together. Look for an array of vintage and antique Art Deco gemstone diamond engagement rings.

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5 Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are about as many myths about ridding yourself of body hair as there are methods of removing it in the first place. Often, the information you’ll find is confusing at best and conflicting at worst. Is laser hair removal for you and can this makeover treatment do you any good? Below, we separate the fiction from facts:

Myth 1: Laser hair removal causes the hair to grow back faster and denser.

How fast your hair grows back, as well as how thick or coarse it is, is pre-determined by your genes. This means that regardless of the method you’ve used to remove the hair, it will always come back at the same rate. People believe this myth because untouched body hair lies flat, soft, and thin; a stark contrast to freshly shaved hair with blunted ends, which feels courser against the surface of the skin.

Laser hair removal should cause a marked reduction of hair growth, anywhere between 10% and 25%. There should also be a visible reduction in the density and thickness of the hair when it grows back, as well as a decreased rate of growth for every successive session. The hair that does grow back should be much finer and lighter than before, meaning that problematic areas won’t bother you as much when the hair does start growing back.

Myth 2: Laser hair removal lasts forever.

While it is a highly effective method of getting rid of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal isn’t permanent. However, it does drastically reduce hair growth, and as stated above, the hair that does grow back is thinner and much finer. After a point, it will become unnecessary for you to pick up a razor ever again, so long as you are able to complete your recommended number of treatments faithfully. This means going in for a sitting up to 12 times to fully realize the effects, though around 6 to 8 sessions is enough to notice a visible reduction.
Laser energy is used to damage the follicles in the growing phase, and several treatments are needed to get all of them. Depending on the hair type and your genes, certain people may require more treatments to fully rid themselves of hair.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal only works on a certain skin or hair color.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about laser hair removal only being effective on those with light skin and dark hair. While this used to be true, the technology has advanced enough that people of all colors and hair types can now avail of laser hair removal and achieve the same results. However, it may take light haired, fair-skinned individuals a few more treatments for the lasers to get the work done. You’ll want to consult with a professional about this to determine how many sessions it’ll take for you personally, as it can vary from person to person.

Myth 4: Laser hair removal can burn the skin.

It’s actually very rare for the machines used in laser hair removal to cause burns. It depends on the condition of your skin, as darker-skinned individuals may be more at risk for this. That’s why it’s important to talk to a medical professional before undergoing any sort of aesthetic treatment. Listen to their advice and take any pre- and post-treatment medication you may be prescribed.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal is extremely painful.

How painful the treatment will be largely depends on which tool is used – there are many different kinds! Ask your aesthetician for a list of options and inform yourself well on each one, especially if you have a particularly low tolerance.

The pain level can vary for different people: some treatments are virtually painless, while others have reported to feeling a mildly uncomfortable pinprick sensation. Others still report a manageable amount of discomfort – certainly less than waxing, for example. You can rest assured that your aesthetician will do everything within their power to make the process as comfortable as possible for you, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Furthermore, laser treatments get progressively less painful as the hair becomes finer, so you can just grit your teeth until the worst has passed, for lasting hairless comfort.

Again, it’s very important to consult with a medical professional and educate yourself about laser hair removal prior to signing up for a series of treatments. This way, you can properly set your expectations and clear any misgivings you may have about it.

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First Impressions Count. Here’s How To Boost Yours

Everyone who works in the world of business will tell you how important it is to make a great first impression when you have clients come to your office. You want to be able to show off your business in the way that you view it. You wouldn’t wear a trash bag to an important meeting, so it’s highly unlikely that you would want to trash your office with second-rate furniture and mismatched décor to make the wrong impression on your clients.

Image Source

First impressions last longer than you think, and you don’t want your clients to think about your business with a sour face. You want them to remember you for the bright, coordinated furniture in the office that match your logo. You want them to remember the spectacular window graphic printing on the glass dividers in the office that advertise your services in a professional way. An impressive office space doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or consistent with the current office trends, but it does need to be neat, tidy and bright. The good news is that making your workspace as professional as possible isn’t all that hard! Check out how you can create the best first impression possible with your office below:

Image Source

Cleaning your office is going to be a priority for you. Hiring in a good cleaning company that ensures that after hours, your business is straightened out, is important. Keeping the desks clutter-free is a must, but keeping the carpets shampooed and plush is just as important. You wouldn’t want to walk into an office of threadbare carpets, so don’t let your clients do the same.

Lighting is a big deal for offices that are overshadowed by other buildings around it. A dim light can make an entire office look cheap and rundown without much effort. Either invest in an office space with a lot of natural light flooding through, or swap out the light bulbs for a better, lighter space with clean lines.

The vibe of the office is just as important as whether you have clean floors and desks. You need to be uniform in the office layout, but maybe not in every aspect. Your waiting room furniture, for example, could be a mismatched array of plump and inviting sofas. This type of eclectic look makes you look down to earth as a company.

Upgrading your technology will make a massive impression. Imagine trying to run a marketing business with the technology equipment of yesterday? It just doesn’t work. Your staff should be seen to be working with the latest and greatest technology so that people are impressed by your ability to keep up with the times.

Your office space has to be one that people WANT to revisit. They need to come back and remember why you make such an impact in your industry. Check out what the competition are doing and make a point of doing what you want to do, while doing better than them all at the same time.

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Around The World Throughout Our Air Track

If you want to learn how to use our products, we offer wholesaleairtrack, you can learn how to use our products according to the video situation. Our video recording is very clear, I hope you can video deeper understanding of our products. Our products are sold in large quantities abroad, and the quality of products is strictly tested by the state. The staff of each sewing thread of the product seems to be very thick. It feels great too. We believe that every customer who has used our products has very good feedback on our products. We have been working hard to bring our best products to every customer we need, so that you are very excited to use our products. Of course, you have better suggestions for our products can also be put forward, you can treat us as friends, for your request, we will work hard to achieve better.


If you are a gymnast, you use our products need to match airtrackfactory. With air track, a beam can make your motor skills more professional. It will allow you to show your body movements more smoothly. If you need to use our products outdoors, you can choose larger sizes when you buy them, which is more suitable for you to use outdoors. If you need to use our products outdoors, you can choose larger sizes when you buy them, which is more suitable for you to use outdoors. Of course, if you want to order the size, you can also discuss with us. We will arrange the customization for you in a short time. Each of our staff is very responsible, as long as it is the customer’s request, will work hard to do well. Our products sell a lot of places, among them we gymnastics air track for sale. Our company is very famous.


Our company first-class strength, products are all over the world, as long as you buy our air track, we will entrust good products to you. To this day, our products have been recognized by many customers, and we hope you can always support our products.

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Affordable Custom Motorcycle Gear is a Click Away

If you are bigger than the average biker or smaller than the average enthusiast, you may have a hard time finding the motorcycle gear you need. Even if you’re of average height and weight, you may still require custom equipment, such as an XXS motorcycle helmet or XXL gloves. BikeBandit is a leading distributor of all things cycle-related, and they’re guaranteed to have the gear in the size you need in stock. If they do not, they can have it made for you. If you’re in the market for custom motorcycle gear, shop its collection today.


Pants and Chaps

Leather is one of those things that needs to fit just right in order to maintain the functionality and cool you desire. BikeBandit has street gear from REV’IT, Tour Master, Joe Rocket and other top-quality clothing manufacturers. If you want off-road gear that isn’t too baggy but that leaves just enough room for you to move, shop its collection of Thor, Klim, Moose and Fox dirt-bike pants. Invest in some chaps for those rides during which you want to keep your blue jeans on and your legs safe.

Jackets and Vests

BikeBandit has jackets for all occasions. Pick up the leather street jacket you need to ride in style and comfort, and get a vest for those long summer days. If wheeling through the snow is your M.O. you need a snow jacket designed for speed. Many sporting goods stores and retailers don’t offer cycling jackets for all occasions, much less in all sizes. BikeBandit does. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way and pick up the custom pieces you need from its online shop.

Whether you are in the market for big motorcycle helmets or small chaps, BikeBandit has what you need. Be prepared for all weather and all trails, and shop its collection of jackets, pants, chaps and more today.

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How to take care of your designer jeans

Research showed that on average, a woman owns seven pairs of denim jeans! When asked for reasons why they purchased this type of pant, 56% said it was for their durability and 71% said it was for their flattering look. So, understandably, we want these qualities to last. Wear and tear is often inevitable but there are ways to maintain the colour and care for your designer denim. Trilogy Stores, stockists of designer skinny jeans, have provided us with some handy tips.

Image Source

When wearing and storing

Denim jeans are a go-to option for completing any outfit at any time of the year! We definitely get our wear out of them and want them to last as long as possible. There are some things that you can do to help maintain their flattering shape and fit.

First of all, wear them as much as possible before the first wash. This will help the denim conform to your body and help preserve them in the shape that you need them. Instead of washing after every time you wear them as you might with other clothing, denim experts recommend that you wash your jeans as seldom as possible. Washing too frequently has been known to fade the colour and damage the denim material. Instead, spot clean with a damp sponge or soft toothbrush to remove smaller stains. Or, if you feel as though your jeans need a freshen up, hang them outside to air or spray them with a fabric freshener.

When storing them in your wardrobe, try to avoid hanging them up with clipped hangers. These can dig into your denim and create impressions in the waistband or in the knees that can be hard to get rid of. Instead, fold jeans and place on shelves, or buy S hooks which you can attach to the belt loops and hang on a regular coat hanger.

When washing

The washing technique that you choose can be what causes your jeans to fade and not last as long as they should.

Turning your jeans inside out is a key tip. It reduces fading and prevents as much colour from running onto other garments. This method also stops buttons hitting against the drum in the washing machine and avoids damage to zips or press studs.

Wash on a cool, gentle cycle that is no hotter than 30 degrees. The heat can destroy the elastane and ruin the fitting shape of your jeans. You can buy a denim wash that has been designed to care for the colour and fibres in denim, it is non-biological and suitable for washing your favourite pair of jeans.

Putting too many pairs of jeans in the washing machine at one time can cause damage to the materials and the machine due to their weight. It is recommended that you wash a maximum of 4 jeans at once. You could also try hand-washing. Although it can be time-consuming, it’s a good way to avoid damage that could occur in the washer. Simply soak for 20 minutes in detergent and then air dry.

Make sure that you keep your colours separate too. Don’t put an indigo pair of denim jeans in with a pastel pair as the colour may run onto the lighter jean. When it comes to coated denim, these jeans should avoid the washing machine completely — opt for a dry clean instead.

There are some other tips out there, that are a bit out of the ordinary but might be worth a try… Some suggest freezing the jean when they need freshening up. Simply make sure that pockets are empty, fold up and place in a plastic bag. Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to wear them next. Another recommendation is adding salt and vinegar to a hand wash. This is meant to prevent colour bleeding and keep the fabric colour set for longer.

When drying

When it comes to drying your designer jeans, you must be careful to not distort the shape of them or encourage fading.

Definitely do not wring dry. This can cause the shape of the jeans to change and cause wrinkles and creases that you’ll soon want to get rid of. Instead, roll up the jean and press firmly to release and excess water. You could hang the jeans up outside and allow to air dry, however some people are against this as the sunlight can cause fading. Alternatively, you could dry on a flat surface indoors or use a clothes rack.

Avoid drying on a radiator or in a tumble dryer — the heat from these can do damage to the denim. For the same reason, avoid ironing your jeans — simply put them on and the creases will fall out on their own.

A final tip is to read the manufacturer recommendations on the tag. The manufacturer knows the material the best and how to care for it without causing damage. Follow this advice for long-lasting jeans that will continue to flatter you.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Would-Be Interior Designer

November is here, and that means only one thing: Christmas shopping. Unless you’re one of those odd individuals, who thrives on leaving all of their Christmas shopping until the last minute the chances are that you like to be prepared. Spreading your shopping experience means that you don’t get high street fatigue and with the dawn of Internet shopping you may even be able to cut out the high street altogether.

The thought of buying presents for your nearest and dearest as you write your gift list makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s only as you take to the shops do you remember the busyness, the noise and the crowds from last year. You refuse to go through all of that again and hatch a plan. Mulled wine in one hand, mince pie in the other, you make a decision to get in there early, buy your presents in November and have a restful December gloating to your friends that your Christmas shopping is complete as they stare at you enviously.

When it comes to the gifts to buy this year, there has never been a greater choice of gadgets, homewares and toys to satisfy every family member. For the computer-mad kids, opt for online vouchers for Xbox or Playstation. For sports mad pals, buy a ticket to a game. If someone you know loves nothing more than whipping up new culinary creations, send them to a cooking class with a nationally renowned chef. If you have a would-be interior designer in your midst, take a look at these gift ideas that’ll be sure to put a smile on their face come Christmas morning.

Image Source

Vintage Lamps

Hot foot it to your local vintage emporium and take a look at the authentic mid-century lighting options. Anglepoise lamps and industrial pendant designs are on trend at the moment. Rustic aluminium and tin plated options ooze warehouse chic and can look incredible over any dining table. For those who want a unique look to their study or want to create a more subtle ambience, an anglepoise design from the 1960s will generate the ultimate mod or beatnik look. The steampunk style involves taking items with a purpose such as car horns, oil cans and clocks and upcycling them with a light fitting and an Edison bulb to give them a renewed look, ideal for those more quirky would-be interior designer acquaintances.

Image Source


For those twenty-something relatives who adorn themselves in hipster-esque attire each day, take a look at some classic pieces of furniture. With G-Plan, Scandinavian and Ercol wooden pieces becoming ever more fashionable, you could satisfy any distinguished bearded brother or nephew with a telephone table, armchair or set of stools. If your relative has a living room with crisp white walls, a minimal finish and a feature wall complete with a geometrically designed wallpaper, dark wooden furniture will fit in effortlessly.

Image Source

Luxurious Furnishings

There is nothing better on a cold winter morning than waking up all cosy in the finest high thread count sheets enveloping you in a soft, dense cocoon of warmth. If your would-be interior designer friend has recently renovated their bedroom and is keen to source some linen for their new king size divan, why not go for the luxurious Egyptian cotton pillowcases and sheets. You could opt for a highly texturised feel, simple pure white or a floral pattern design depending on the recipient’s tastes.

Image Source


Although highly subjective, purchasing a piece of art for a Christmas gift takes care and thought. If you know somebody who has a flair for all things creative and loves collecting a painting or two in their spare time, why not invest in a piece of art on their behalf. You could select a modern sculpture from a local gallery, head to the auction house to pick up a pair of 19th-century lithographs or opt for the more traditional landscapes or watercolours that you know they have a penchant for. The original artwork that you purchase as a gift will be a one-of-a-kind piece and something unique for them to discover as they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning.

Christmas is a time for giving. Priding yourself on being the ultimate gift giver means that you go out of your way to think of the recipient that you are purchasing for. For the would-be interior designer in the family, think about their likes and dislikes, their home, the styles they enjoy and the pieces of furniture that may be missing from the humble abodes, and try to fill the gaps with your gifts.

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