Mixing It Up: What To Do If You No Longer Enjoy Working From Home

People seem to have the idea that being a self-employed, stay at home worker is nothing but fun, but the reality isn’t always like that. While there are, of course, plenty of benefits – including greater flexibility, no commute, and the ability to work in your pyjamas – there are a lot of hidden downsides, too. Workers can feel isolated, find making new friends difficult, and have a sense that they’re not pushing themselves to live life to the full. If you think you might soon want to leave your employment circumstances, then take a read below. We’ll go through a number of actions that’ll put you on the path to a happier working life, whether that’s at home or anywhere else.

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Taking a Break

Everyone can get overwhelmed by their job from time to time. If you work in an office, it’s easy to take a step back and get some perspective: all you need to do is clock out, return home, and have a relaxed evening with the family. If you work from home, it gets more difficult. If you can feel your happiness levels decreasing, then schedule some time away from work and give yourself the space you need to think clearly. You might be ready to move on to other things, or you might just need to recharge the batteries for a while.

Temporary Work

Of course, not every stay at home worker can take an extended break from their job. There are bills to be paid, after all. If that’s the case, then take a look at finding temporary work before you figure out what you’re going to do next. There are a number of benefits to temporary employment when you’re in between phases of your life. For one, it’ll ensure that you’re not getting yourself into financial distress while you’re coming up with a long term plan. For two, it’ll give you an opportunity to experiment with a few different job roles, which might help you decide what you want to do next.

Using Your Skills

Stay at home workers often incorrectly believe that they have fewer skills than they usually do. If you’ve been self-employed, then it doesn’t matter what your job was: alongside your primary skills, you can also add things like organisation, accounting, timekeeping, and good old hard work. All of these skills are in high demand, so don’t forget them to add to your resume when you’re building up to applying to more traditional jobs.

Plan Your Escape

If you’ve decided that you want to have a complete career change, then you might have to plan your escape more carefully. For starters, you’ll want to take a look at what careers will still be around in the coming decades, because many will be lost due to artificial intelligence. Most positions in the healthcare industry, for example, should be safe. While you probably won’t want to become a doctor, you can look at other positions within the industry; health care manager jobs, for instance, are due to grow by nearly twenty percent in the coming decade. You can start your journey toward this career by completing a healthcare administration degree online, which will enable you to train for your new job around your current employment obligations. No matter how long you’ve been doing your present job, it’s never too late to change how you spend your days!

Assessing Your Growth

There are two types of stay at home jobs: the ones that are going places, and the ones that aren’t. If you’re not enjoying your job and you don’t think it’s taking you to where you eventually want to be, then all the signs will point to finding a new way to make your living. However, be careful when giving the jobs that might take you somewhere. Even if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing at the moment, in a few months or a year, it might have taken you to a place that you really enjoy. It’s all about assessing your growth, and making the call whether it’s worthwhile sticking out the bad times as you wait for the good ones to come.

Part-Time Home

It’s also worth thinking about which aspects of working from home you don’t like. Is it the job itself, or is it that you’re cooped up inside all day? Feelings of isolation can come on pretty strongly if you’re spending all your time at home, but there are other options available. If you live near a big city, check out if there are any co-working offices there. You’ll still have all the flexibility of being self-employed, but you’ll also be able to have the benefits of a structured work day, with office colleagues thrown in to boot. If you don’t have any co-working spaces located near to your home, then you can always start one. Sites like meetup.com will help you create your own community of at home workers.

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Other Benefits

There’s no getting around that being self-employed and working from home is an uphill battle. Financial security ‘s hard to come by, and you have to live with the reality that if you fall ill, then your entire business could fall apart. If it’s these stresses that are taking the edge off your job, look at getting things like business insurance, or putting away a portion of your wages each month so you can build up a nest egg to use if something goes wrong.

Look at Volunteer Work

People who work from home do work hard, but they also have more flexibility when it comes to when they work. If you fundamentally enjoy your job but don’t like how much time you spend inside/looking at a screen, mix up your working day by volunteering with an organisation you feel passionate about. It’ll keep your days varied and exciting, and will also be a boost to your resume in case you decide to change careers later on.

Remember: just because you enjoy the benefits of working from home doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing it forever.

Your Health Is A Lifelong Investment!

Looking after your health is a task that we should be engaged in throughout our life. It’s also a really important step to take in ensuring that our future is happy as possible. In fact, our health should be something that is always on the top of our list, no matter what age we are. So read on to find out what you should be thinking about in term of health at each stage of life.


For the over 60s health is often something that is at the forefront of their minds. This is often a product of the combination of getting older, as well as the increased likelihood of health problems at a more advanced age.

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Things that the over 60s as a general rule should be considering include staying active despite mobility issues, bone density, and heart health. As well as provision for their futures in case of worsening health.

For many people, this will include looking into elder care options. Whether this includes nursing care or home help. As it can be very useful to have a plan in place. As it provides additional peace of mind and makes any transitions that do have to happen easier because you have chosen them yourself. Not had them forced upon you by well-meaning family members.


Folks in their 50’s don’t get off lightly with health concerns with either. As there are plenty of conditions, they should be looking out for, as well as actively protecting against. One of the most serious of these is diabetes mellitus, especially type 2 diabetes.

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This is a condition that develops during a person’s lifetime, usually due to factors such as weight, body mass index, diet, and how physically fit they are. It concerns the bodies inability to process sugars correctly and is usually thereby administering insulin tablets. However, as lifestyle factors are a massive reason for its occurrence, eating healthily and staying fit in your 50s can have a huge impact on the likelihood that you will contract this disease, and how well it’s managed when you do have it.


Folks in their forties may not be as acutely aware of the health issues associated with ages as those that are above 60 are. Although they are probably more conscious of them than the average 20-year-old.

Issues that may be on their radar includes a decline in energy, worsening of eyesight, and even a higher incidences of depression or anxiety.

Of course, these two conditions can strike anyone at any age, as they are not respecters of social stratifies. Although statistically, it is more likely that they will begin to rear their ugly head at this time.

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To deal with them, it’s helpful to mention how you are feeling at your next check up with the doctor, so together you can explore options for relief. These may include medication, meditation, and diet and exercise changes. Along with some therapy such as CBT or ACT that can help you reframe the thoughts that are causing these feelings, and cope with them better.

4 Benefits Of Moving To A Colder Country

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Living in a warm country is wonderful, for the most part. You enjoy the heat that so many others around the world have to travel to have access to. It’s easier when the sun is high and the weather is nice; everything in life is just that little bit smoother.

However, there are also benefits to living in a colder country – benefits that you might not be familiar with. If you ever find yourself in a position to sample living in a different part of the world, here are four reasons why choosing to relocate somewhere cooler can be a refreshing change.

1) Heat Doesn’t Stop You Doing Anything

Let’s face it, as nice as it is to live somewhere warm, sometimes the heat just becomes too much. As the mercury edges its way towards 40C in April, even the simplest of everyday tasks becomes a marathon. By moving to a cooler country, you don’t have to see putting the washing on as a task you’ll want to take a cool shower to recover from – and that’s pretty nice!

2) You Can Experience Seasons

There are four classic seasons; winter, summer, autumn – or ‘fall’ as it’s known in the USA – and spring. However, your knowledge of these seasons when you live in a hot or tropical climate is mainly theoretical. Sometimes, it can be impossible to separate February from July, which definitely isn’t the case in cooler climates where the seasons are felt more acutely. The change of seasons is not only beautiful, but it also provides neat ways of bookending the year – definitely a lifestyle it’s well worth considering sampling when you can.

3) Your House Can Be Different

Our homes are built to keep us cool, but the same is not true in the countries where heat is more of a transitory phenomenon. While moving to a cooler climate means you’ll have to get to grips with maintenance chores you’ve never tried before, such as arranging heat tape for water pipes and potentially even shoveling snow, there are plenty of upsides to counterbalance these. For example, you probably don’t know the delight of curling up in front of the fire with a mug of coffee in hand, while snow falls down outside. That’s definitely a unique experience, and one you might want to make your domestic reality should you be given the chance.

4) It’s Easier To Warm Up Than Stay Cool

This one is somewhat subjective, but it’s an idea that most of us tend to agree on. There’s no easy way of cooling yourself down without turning on an air conditioning unit. Sure, you can fan yourself with your hand, but we all know that does very little beyond making your hand tired.

Warming up, however, is far easier than staying cool. You can curl yourself into a ball, add more layers, or even hug another person to share their heat. If you’ve always lived in a warm climate where battling to keep your cool has been all you know, then the task of warming up might – at the very least – seem novel!

Do you think you would ever be tempted to move somewhere cooler?

Enjoy Gorgeous Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Women in general love to keep long hair. It is because with long hair, women tend to look more feminine and sexier. With long hair, women can have their hair done up in many different styles. They can keep their hair straight and long, or have their hair permed wavy or curly. Most like to keep their hair at shoulder length or even longer.

The advantage of having long hair is that in hot days, it can be tied them up in a simple pony tail with colourful hair bands or just clip them up with decorative hair clips. And in cooler days, the hair can be let loose over the shoulders.

With the availability of hair extensions, it doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair. You can use hair extensions to style your hair the way you want it, according to your style or fashion. This is how the fashion models and celebrities can easily keep changing hairstyles. Sometimes you see them with short hair and on the next day, they can appear with long hair. You can also enjoy the same by using hair extensions. The hair extensions that are commonly used is the Virgin Peruvian Hair because it is made of fully natural human hair.


Hair extensions made from Virgin Peruvian hair are soft and shiny, black and light. The hair are not processed and they have a natural healthy shine. They can be permed and washed because they are natural human hair. They are easy to take care and to keep clean.

Virgin Peruvian hair extensions come in different textures. There are hair extensions with body wave, straight, deep curly, loose wave or water wave, fluffy curly and deep loose. You can buy the hair extensions in bundles or as lace closure. If you are interested in the ways of using hair extensions and how to attach them, you can watch some of tutorial videos on youtube.

Beni Ourain Rugs Are Strong and Mesmerizing

Home design that’s fresh, current and exhilarating can feel rather elusive. It’s never easy to make something that can stand out in this large world. If you want to create a living room that has impact, however, there are without a doubt a few choices that can help you do so. Beni Ourain rugs are a great example. These are handcrafted rugs that have been made by tribal North African peoples for ages and ages now. If you want to decorate your home with a rug that has the power of history and culture on its side, these Berber rugs may be just what the doctor ordered.

These Berber rugs are far from impersonal. They can give your living space a true feeling of warmth. If you want a home rug that will make you feel a sense of emotion, then Beni Ourain offerings may be the solution. It can be tough to feel anything for modern rugs that lack character and personality. Who can be bothered to care about a rug that has a dull and drab floral design? Who can be bothered to care about one that lacks vitality and spirit in general? Beni Ourain rugs are interesting. They often appear deceptively simple and basic to people at first. They display geometric designs that are more complex and evocative than most initially realize. If you want to put your money into a rug that’s meaningful and that inspires emotion in you and in others, these North African delights honestly don’t have much competition.

Most rugs these days aren’t exactly kind on the feet. That can pose a problem for people who spend a lot of time walking and standing, too. Moroccan rugs are wonderful in that they can be great on the feet. They have soft and silky feels that aren’t comparable to anything else in the world. If you want to feel like you’re walking on a luxurious pile of cotton, then a Beni Ourain floor covering may be your best idea yet.

These rugs feel like a million dollars, to say the least. The terrific news is that they don’t cost anywhere near that much money. If you make an informed Beni Ourain rug purchase choice, you should be able to avoid high prices. These rugs often have affordable price tags. Although they’re genuinely inexpensive, they tend to wow people in the quality realm. They’re not the kinds of floor coverings that are susceptible to quick wear and tear. If you don’t want the burden of a rug that won’t last you a long time, a Beni Ourain option won’t keep you up at night. These rugs are big hits among folks who are all about pure durability.

3 Essential Tips To Building A Website


If you have your own business but still haven’t got your own website – there’s a problem. Websites are one of the most important things that you need for your business; now it’s 2017 – practically everything is done through technology as a pose to paper, whether that be marketing or accounting.
There are plenty of different website builders that are advertised around the web, and although these can be very useful to initially get yourself up and running, they most likely come with strings attached later down the line. – Whether that be an increase in price or restrictions on how much attention you can actually have from potential customers. And in the long run, that will end up causing you more harm than good.

Here are three essential tips to building a website.

Domain name
Once you have come up with a simple but unique domain name, you have to check if it’s available to own and hasn’t been taken already by another business. If it is available, you will want to register it as soon as possible so you can officially ‘claim’ it. It will cost you, but the price is well worth it in the long run.

It’s important to be prepared for a lot of domain names to be unavailable, and this can become rather frustrating when you found the perfect name to represent you as a business. The key is to stay focused and don’t just settle with something you’re not happy with because there was nothing else available, it’s just about being unique enough with your ideas.

Now the domain name has been sorted; you will need server space to host your website on. This is what will give you the space to store of all the important information.
As you’re just starting out, you won’t need to pair up with a large web hosting company just yet, so it won’t cost you too much money for the moment. But it is still wise to shop around until you find a price that you agree with.

If you want to add features to your website like a blog, forum or the ability to run videos on it, you will need to make sure that you have a package that covers these areas. If you don’t, you won’t be able to install any of the necessary features. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions of the hosting company so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Uploading information
This tends to be rather simple if you’re familiar with the internet. Most of the time you just need to enter your login details, and from there you can put as much information onto your website as you like.

If you’re having trouble with your layout, you can get help from a web development agency that will give you some useful advice on the best way to go about creating the overall look of your website. All that’s left to do then is a little fine tuning and some added visuals to please the eye – and you’ve got yourself a website!


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