Died of being overworked.

Mita Diran
Died due to being overworked.

A young Indonesian copywriter reportedly died of being overworked. Shocking, right? According to an employee from the company where she worked, Mita Diran died “due to a lethal combination of being overworked and excessive consumption of Kratingdaeng – the Thai version of Red Bull, an energy drink consumed by many when required to stay awake during long hours.”

She was continuously working for 30 hours straight and presumably consumed too much of the energy drink to keep her going.

This is a sad reminder to all the young professionals out there who are either working in an office environment or at home… there is more to life than just work! We need to have a balance of work and play. We also need to know our limits. We may not feel it right away but our body gets tired and worn out after eight hours of work. Can you imagine going for 30 hours nonstop and surviving on an energy drink. That’s really pushing it too far.

I once worked for a call center company wherein I was part of the pioneer group. I worked for 14 to 16 hours a day, most of the time six days a week. There were days when I would work for 24 to 36 hours and I would go home feeling like a melted candle, numb and shaking from all the caffeine I consumed. After two years there, I felt relieved being able to wake up, work, function, sleep like a normal person again!

Don’t push yourself too far, please. Work will be there no matter what. It will just change form, deadlines, and all that, but it will still be work. Your body, your health, will deteriorate if you push it to the limit. Don’t let yourself become a victim of overworking. Work hard, yes. But play harder!

Rest in peace, Mita.

My work essentials


I have two gadgets that I need to be able to work properly at home: my laptop and my mobile phone. I need both so that I can access the internet and work.

My laptop is obviously used for writing and accessing the internet. My mobile phone is also used for the same function but also for taking photos, reading while waiting in line, jotting down ideas (through memos and notes), and receiving verification and pass codes.

What are your work essentials?

My quirk

I have a quirk. When I focus on something I want it done right away. Now. If not, I get fixated to it. Like right now, I want to buy a new computer chair. My sister and I checked some chairs and the one I liked has no more stock. I don’t want to buy the only one left because it looks like every one sat on it already. It’s that icky looking.

But since I wasn’t able to buy it, I now can’t think of anything but that chair that I didn’t buy! Darn! I am that fixated to it. I was thinking all the while that I can still find another chair that I would feel that comfortable on but I was wrong. The other chairs I found don’t have that feel.


Yes, that’s my quirk. Being fixated on something until I get it.

Doing chores before work.

I guess this makes me a homebody, right? Or domesticated, as they call it? Ha-ha!

work and coffee

I had a late start at work today because I helped with the household chores first. I washed the dishes, swept the floor, mopped it as well, and helped with the dogs. I tidied up the house a bit before I sat down in front of my laptop to work. Of course, I didn’t forget my cup of coffee! I have to drink at least a cup before the adrenalin kicks in.

Well, I am off to concentrate on work now. I hope I will be able to finish a lot today.

Happy Friday people!

How my mind works…

I don’t know if you feel the same way or if your mind works the same way as mine. Here’s how my mind works for those who are interested…


When I am working, I think about how good it would be to lay down on my freshly made bed and fall asleep. I would love to get more hours as I don’t get as much. So I would rush my work and I would tell myself that I will just get a few hours of sleep so I can work longer hours the next day or so…

But the minute I am on my bed ready to doze off, I think about how I am wasting my time sleeping! I would think about how others like me who work at home hardly ever get enough sleep while here I am dozing off when I can very well put in an hour or two more so I can earn a bigger income by the end of the month.


I would end up getting back up to put in an hour more of work.



Home office organization


When I am at home, you can find me sitting in my corner, my home-office corner that is. I don’t normally sit anywhere else but in front of my computer. My desk is facing the bedroom, the TV, and has a big window at my right side. It is a small corner where I work and I love how cozy it is.

But given the chance, I would love a home-office corner like the one above. Very organized, don’t you think? Mine isn’t. I have five clear boxes filled with my books. I have folders of paid and unpaid bills, and lots of papers lying around. I would love to have my own shelves but it wouldn’t work with the small space I have.

My home-office corner is fine. It works for me and that’s the important thing. I am just dreaming of a more defined space like the one above.


In a month or so…

This blogger will be saying goodbye to working at home and will most likely say hi once again to the corporate world!

Corporate Life

I’ve been working at home for the past six years already and it is scary to think that I will be saying bye-bye to the comforts of a home-office. But I need to. I am sure that other bloggers like me who made a living off it full time (in my case I also made consultancy a full time work on the side), are now thinking of other ways to earn what with the declining income from blogging these days. I am also down to a single client with my consultancy sideline so it’s really time to go back to the rat race I was once in.

It would have been ideal for me to NOT go back to the corporate world and just open a business of my own. Maybe concentrate on something else. But I still have some things to settle financially before I can declare total financial freedom!

Oh well, I have sent my CV to different companies. I am just waiting for a call and I’ll be off to join the race again.

Home-office corner setup

Couples Workspaces

I am looking for ideas on work spaces for home. My home-office corner setup is no longer working for me. Aside from the fact that I am surrounded by books, papers and other stuff, my corner has become really messy already. I want organizers and a wider desk and a more comfortable chair.

I will look around and see what I can find. Then I’ll share it with you.

Happy Friday everyone!

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