How To Get More Out Of Your Working Day

Some days you may not feel as productive as on others. However, that doesn’t always mean you can get less done. Getting less done often means doing more the next day, and it’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself and makes you lose your motivation for work. So, how can you get more out of your working day, no matter what? These points will help you:

Start The Day With A Morning Routine That You Love

You should always start the day with a morning routine that you love. If you get out of bed, have to get ready quickly, and barely have any time to yourself to think, then it’s no wonder you don’t feel motivated. By starting the day with a morning routine that you love, you should be able to feel good for the rest of the day and build up the positive momentum you need to keep going. How about getting out of bed early, meditating for 5 minutes, and then reading a personal development book for a while? Many people also find that some form of exercise helps them, whether that’s a quick run, a circuit, or some yoga poses. This helps to get the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Chances are, if you exercise in the morning, you’ll feel good for the rest of the day.

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Keep Yourself Healthy

When you’re healthy, you feel better, and you get more done as a result. Make sure you’re eating foods that will nourish you and help you to stay awake. Eating junk food at any stage in the day often leads to a slump, and you won’t want to continue working. Know what’s good for you and what’s not. Taking your own lunch to work can be a good idea. It isn’t just about what you eat, though. It’s about keeping yourself healthy by exercising, and making sure you’re not putting yourself in situations that could hurt you. However, accidents and injuries may not always be your fault. In these cases, looking at a site like can tell you what to do. If you do end up injured, however it happens, keeping yourself as healthy as possible is the only way to get back to normal in the quickest way possible.

Use The Right Software And Apps

Software and apps can help you to collaborate with colleagues more effectively. You can keep important information all in one place, and figure out who’s doing what so there’s no crossed wires. They can almost eliminate the need for constant back and forth emails and meetings.

Have A Short To-Do List For The Day

To-do lists are great, but only if you’re being realistic with them. Write down only your top priority things, and anything else on top of those things becomes a bonus. If you write down too much and don’t get it all done, you’ll feel like you’ve failed even if you got your priorities taken care of.

Get more out of your working day by implementing these tips!

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3 Perfect Jobs For Social People

Some people like to get their head down and work all day without distraction. They get in, get their work done and get out. The fewer people they speak to, the better. But for others, that’s a lonely existence and they would much rather spend all day with others. If you’re working in an office job, you get some chance to socialize with others but most of the day is spent at your desk in silence. If that sounds like your idea of hell, why not try one of these great job opportunities for social people?

Event Coordinator

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Anybody that has great organizational skills and loves to meet new people all the time is perfectly suited to a job as an event coordinator. You can do anything from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events or fundraisers. Whatever area you decide to move into, you get the chance to liaise with all of the different people involved in putting the event on as well as the people attending. No two days will ever be the same and you’ll get to be out and about organizing different people every week, instead of walking around on the same piece of carpet, with the same people, in an office.

Home Care

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Elderly people are often forgotten about and so many of them just want somebody to talk to. Home care is a great opportunity for you to meet a lot of interesting people with stories to tell and, while you’ll have to help them out with basic day to day tasks, a big part of your job is just keeping them company and socializing with them. You could even start a home care business yourself if you’ve got the ambition. It’s a great business to run and it comes with a huge sense of reward when you see the difference that you’re making to the lives of people that are often left behind.

Tour Guide

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If you’re a travel lover as well as a people person, tour guide is the right job for you. You can do in your own city, meeting people from all over the world and showing them a slice of life in your country. It also gives you great opportunities to travel around the world and give people tours of attractions in other countries as well. It’s the perfect way to fund longer trips as well. You could start your own business but if you don’t want to do that, there are plenty of platforms already out there that are always looking for new guides. Some people are put off because they don’t want to spend their days walking around museums and galleries that they’ve been to a thousand times before but that’s not all there is to it. If you’re a local, you’re in a good position to offer alternative tours to tourists that want to see the more authentic side of your city, so why not come up with your own set of must see sights around the city and tour that instead?

These are just some of the great job options for somebody that’s a real people person.

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Beyond the comfort zone.


If there is one thing predictable about me, it’s the fact that I love my comfort zone. I stay in it. I normally don’t go beyond it. I am that boring, I am honest enough to admit.

But this year, I am all about self-care and going outside my comfort zone. I might just stay outside of it a few steps beyond it but for me, that’s already a bold move. This year, I will be turning 40. The big 4-0! So, I feel that this year should be about me.

Three goals that I must accomplish this year:

  • Learn a new language.

    I remember my cousin and I talked about his desire to learn a new language and how he’s put it as one of his goals every single year. This 2018, though, he’s taken the step to reach that goal of his. He’s now officially enrolled as a French language student. I, too, would love to learn French but there’s Spanish, Nihongo, Mandarin, Italian, and German. There are so many beautiful languages I would love to be fluent at.

    I’d start with Nihongo, maybe?
  • Tidy up the house and make it zen-like.

    I love a clean and organized house. If you belong to a large family and you all live in the same house, you would know and can definitely relate to the struggles of organization. There is always something to pick up on the floor, something you’d bump onto, something misplaced. This is the year that I plan to re-organize our home, make clutter disappear as much as possible, beat the heat indoors, and make our living space quieter, more peaceful.
  • Go on an adventure.

    When I was in my 20’s, I told friends that I wanted to go bungee jumping and white water rafting. I was always on a budget so money that I set aside for an adventure would automatically become a savings fund for family expenses. The desire to go on an adventure faded as I get older.

    But now that I am turning 40 soon, I thought, why not now? I’ve always been too cautious and safe that when you dissect my life, you’d realize how boring it is. I am not going to go a daring, risky adventure. I am thinking that instead of bungee jumping and white water rafting, I’d go hiking. It’s also an activity I’d always wanted to do but had no time for. I’d make time for it this year. I will start with hiking and we’ll see what other adventure I’d get myself into.

My three goals for this year may not be too much for others but it’s realistic for me, doable.

What are your goals for this year?

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Planning ahead for your child’s birthday

As a parent, your child’s birthday is one of the highlights of every year. Being able to see them enjoy themselves with their friends and family is simply amazing. You always want to make this day extra-special for them, which is where a little pre-planning can help. As with everything in life, planning ahead for your child’s birthday will make it go more smoothly and mean that you can enjoy the day itself with them.

What can you do to make your child’s birthday go with a bang?

By far the best advice around planning for your child’s birthday is to start thinking early about what you might do. This will allow you to settle on the best idea without rushing and ensure that you have time to get all the arrangements in place well in advance.

The main area to think about is what you will actually do for the big day – obviously, as long as it is not a surprise, it is best to talk to your child to see what they would like to do. Some great ideas include:

  • Party – of course, most children will love a good party to celebrate their big day. If this is the case for you, then think about whether you will do it at home or at an outside venue. You will also need to think about who will provide the food, getting invites out to their friends in time, and if you will have a particular theme.
  • Holiday – another great idea to consider is taking your child on a family holiday to enjoy their birthday. If you decide to do this, then you’ll need to choose your destination and get the tickets booked in time.
  • Cinema or bowling trip – for older children, a trip to see the latest film is a good choice. In terms of pre-planning, you’ll need to find out the time that the film is showing as well as letting their friends know in advance. Bowling is another great choice and will be sure to keep older children fully entertained.

Don’t forget the gifts!

The other major thing to think about when planning for your child’s birthday is the gifts that they would like. For younger children, classic items such as building blocks, scooters, bikes, and fun games are a great option. If your little one likes cars, then the Magic Tracks Mega Set is a fabulous gift. This is a wonderful set with a flexible track that the included cars race around – what’s even better is that it also glows in the dark.

If your child is a bit older, then it is probably electrical items that you will thinking about buying! From console systems or items such as mobile phones and tablets, they will love anything that they can play about on.

Proper planning is vital

The essential aspect of enjoying your child’s birthday to the full is planning for it properly. By doing this, you will make sure that they have a day to remember, whatever you’ve got in store for them. If you really want to make it one to remember, make it a surprise and see their face light up when all is revealed.

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Self Improvement: Taking Steps Towards A Happier You

When you have a busy work and home life; it can be easy to forget about your wellbeing, and often you’ll get pushed to the bottom of your priority list. It’s easy to focus on other people, and make sure that their happiness is paramount in all you do. However, maintaining your own satisfaction, health, and happiness can be far more difficult. If you don’t focus on yourself a little more; you’ll end up suffering from stress and fatigue, and looking after your other responsibilities will have to take a backseat while you recover.

Therefore, there no better time to start thinking about all the things that will improve you as a person and your lifestyle as a whole. Get your notebook and pen ready, and write down a list of things that you’d like to achieve in the near future. Work backwards from each point or goal so that you end up with the steps you’ll need to take towards self-improvement and happiness in the coming months. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who are seeking a little push in the right direction to learn how to achieve positive changes in their life.

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If You Can: Fix It!

There’s no use in worrying or moaning about something that you’re able to fix with a little effort and planning. Making positive decisions about your health, situation, and wellbeing is the best way to improve your life and yourself in the meantime. Therefore, whether you need to look for reliable eye centre for Lasik eye surgery so that your vision improves, or you need to visit a physiotherapist to sort out the pains in your knee that have stopped you exercising; there’s no time like the present. Often, it can be easier at the time to ignore those things you can live with. However, being proactive and changing things is the best way to improve your life, and you’ll never regret that boost of positivity.

Help Others And Grow

Aside from those in your immediate family and close friends that you feel responsible for; you may not have made much time to help others. However, volunteering and spending time with those in need will help you to grow and develop as a person. You’ll not only be improving another’s life; you’ll be able to reap the rewards and who knows where your actions may lead. Helping others can enhance your self-esteem, which will lead to inner confidence and self-worth; this might just get you that date you wanted, or a promotion at work, so it’s well worth investing your time.

It’s crucial that you look into each part of your lifestyle and yourself; you’ll be able to find out what you can achieve, and you can then ensure that you’re doing all you can to change things for the better. Stay positive and proactive, and make a conscious decision each day to do things a little differently so that you can make great decisions and have a bright future ahead.

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