Throwing a party.

I had a very emotional chat with a friend a couple of days ago. Her younger sister is sick and she is very worried about her. It reminded me of the day when my younger brother got sick back when I was in college. It was a very bleak period in my life, in my family’s life. It’s a very trying journey for all of us but we were able to surpass it. My brother’s life ended, but the memories will always stay alive in our hearts. That’s what I told my friend. Expect the worse but hope for the best. And make the most of what’s left in her younger sister’s life. Let her live it to the fullest!

She is asking for my help in getting mexican party decorations for her younger sister’s fiesta de quinceaƱera. It will be a big party and, of course, I said yes in helping with the party preparations. We also threw a birthday party for my brother’s 15th, less than a month before he died. I remember him smiling the whole time. I knew it was a very happy day for him!

And that’s what my friend wants for her younger sister’s birthday as well.

Creating a durable fallback career.

This is what I know for sure. Every employee in a company, apart from the owner, is dispensable. No matter what they say that a person is essential to the success of the company, in a matter of days you can be replaced by someone better and brighter and more essential to the future of the company you are working for. I’ve seen it happen time and again to older co-workers who at one time had been the backbone of the company but when the bosses saw someone better and a less expensive worker, the “backbone” was replaced.

That is why I keep telling the people close to me, family, friends and old colleagues, to make sure they have a savings account to tap on when they find themselves in between jobs. Better yet, they should create a durable fallback career for when the one they have is no longer giving them the income that will sustain their family. An alternate career that can also sustain them in the long run, and one where they can be happy and fulfilled.

This person who I used to work with is using his God-given talent as a fallback should his career in the real estate industry will no longer sustain him and his family. He bought this contrabrass flute at wwbw, learned more complicated tunes, and recorded a couple of it to be used in weddings as background music. It was done for fun in the beginning but he later realized that it can be an alternate career for him. Who would have thought that his idea will become a success? He is now supplying background music CDs not only to weddings but also to other parties and events.

Create a durable fallback career which can sustain you and your love ones, and one which can give you the fulfillment and satisfaction you need.

New year, new venture.

One of my new year resolutions is to start a new venture. I am looking into opening a small business, possibly a food cart business somewhere in the city. I am targeting a spot in a public school nearby. I am already talking to an aunt who will become my business partner, a former colleague who will act as my external accountant and auditor, and a younger cousin who will be the one to man my food cart. It is not an easy process because there are permits to secure while sticking to the budget I made but I am doing my best to make it happen as soon as possible.

I am actually very inspired by a neighbor’s story. He was online checking some supplies at and it hit him that he wanted to open his own hardware store. He started small, very much like a sari-sari store but stocked with hardware supplies. And then slowly he expanded as income poured in.

I would like to do the same. Slowly expand this new venture into a mini empire of my own.

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