Close to 24 hours without DSL!

Almost 24 hours without DSL and all because someone might have tampered with our line. Damn it! This is one of the many reasons why I want to transfer into another neighborhood. In this area, only a handful of us have internet lines. I suspect that those who know how to do it tamper the lines so they can connect to the net, too. What I find so maddening about this is we the legitimate subscribers are the ones who encounter problems while they are enjoying their free connection without hassles.

Double darn!

I really wish we can move to a brand new home very soon.

Choosing domain names

Domain Name. How important is it? Do you know that in this virtual world, your domain name is your address. You can direct your family, friends, and those people you want to know you to your domain. For businesses, this is your virtual business address. So you can just imagine how important a domain name is.

When I was just starting in professional blogging, it took me weeks to think of a suitable domain name for my blog. I was thinking of something that will be catchy, something that will easily be remembered when bloggers will think of me. Thus, was born.

I have other blogs and the domain names of those blogs are well thought of. I spend hours, days thinking of an appropriate name for the blog I have in mind before I go and register one. Now, if you have a domain name in mind, either for a blog or a web site, think about it first. Remember, you are stuck with it for a year when you register it. Plus, there are some who will associate your blog to that domain name already and when you change it, it will lose its identity. Remember that before making a decision to register a domain name you have in mind, okay?

Update in process?!?

I just noticed that the PageRank (PR) of all the sites I go to show a “?” in the PR button. Is there an update in process? If there’s one, I hope it will be favorable to my blogs. God knows I need a boost in the PR department.

Have you noticed it, too? Check it now and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

PR has wrecked so much havoc in my blogging life in the past. I remember being devastated losing the green juice showing in the browser toolbar. But I learned to live with it. I am still hoping for a favorable one when an update occurs, but it won’t devastate me anymore when I see a big fat zero.




Do you check your kid’s Facebook account?

It doesn’t matter that there’s an age limit in creating a Facebook account. All a minor has to do is change the year of his/her birth and that’s it! I am sure most of you parents out there are aware that your minor kid has a Facebook account, right? If not, go check and I am sure he/she has one!

Now, if you already know your kid’s Facebook account, make sure you check the photos in it. Is your kid posting an inappropriate photo? Is he/she exchanging photos with a stranger (who could be a pedophile or a sex offender for all you know!)? Check it now!

There’s this teen I would like to talk some sense to. She keeps posting photos of herself showing skin! I am pretty sure her goal is to make her boyfriend (who is also a minor like her) drool over her ‘sexy’ photos. Ugh! I am not sure if her dad sees the photos but if he does, I hope he tells her to delete it. What is she thinking?!?

Go check your kid’s Facebook account now. You’d be surprised what photos and updates he/she is posting there!

Phishing scam

There is an issue with Bluehost right now regarding emails being sent out to account holders with information running like this: “Your personal account information has been changed.” with a link to click if you want it stopped…


According to a Bluehost support tech, it is a phishing scam.

So here’s what I did — I blocked the IP address which came with the email and I changed my web host account password. Just to be sure.

Do it now as well. And be very careful in opening emails purported to be from legit partners. Do not click any link that comes in an email unless you are very sure of the source.

Anti-Cybercrime Bill

The House of Representatives passed the newest version of the Anti-Cybercrime Bill (HB 5808). It is also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 which includes online threats and online defamation as cybercrime offenses. The Senate had the old version of the bill Anti Cybercrime Bill (Senate Bill 2796). The House of Representatives and the Senate will consolidate both bills into one and will be passed into law after approval of the president.

Now, cybercrime not only includes online intrusion, hacking or illegal use of network resources but online libel as well.

For those found guilty of online defamation, penalty will be a minimum of Php500,000 and a maximum of 1M pesos plus jail time.

I am still vague about this bill because on one hand it will curtail the freedom of speech we bloggers have. But on another hand it will at least give us bloggers and other online people a rule to follow and a leash so as not to abuse the online freedom we are given.

What do you think of this Anti-Cybercrime Bill?

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