Rainy Friday

It’s the end of another day for me. My day ends before 6AM everyday. I work at odd hours and have found myself to be productive during these times. I was able to drop EC and do some posts. I am still wide awake, my sisters are listening to the radio regarding suspension of classes. Both teachers are going to school today.

I wonder why our weather bureau and the Department of Education can’t decide right away whether to suspend classes or not. The PAGASA can’t even predict the weather accurately! What kind of weather equipments are this government agency’s using?!? Today, June 5, 2009, all elementary and high school classes in the NCR are suspended, both public and private. DepEd made the announcement at 5:20AM! I hope the kids are still at home and have heard the announcement by now. Heavy rains will pour around 8AM according to PAGASA.

Be careful everyone! Happy rainy Friday! 🙂

Costly education

I just got the assessment form for my brother’s first semester in second year college. Can you guess how big my eyes became when I saw the tuition fees? Yes, that big! Only one thing crossed my mind while I was looking at the total amount I need to pay… if not for the state colleges, I wonder how parents earning a minimum salary can send their children to college. It would be really hard.

Times are tough and it becomes tougher each day. I hope every kid out there are already enrolled and ready to go back to school come June 1st.

For all of us…

We may not be mothers yet but in some way, we have been mothers to someone in our lives…
You might be a man but have been both a father and mother to your kids…
Moms, your children might be grown-ups now but rest assured that you are still their mom and they need you no matter what they say…
You may never know this, my dear mommy-blogger friends, but you’ve been a mom to me one way or another…

Tomorrow is a day for all of us.

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A Happy and Blessed 2008 Everyone!

I wish everyone will have a bountiful year ahead 🙂

I know you have noticed I have been away for days now. I am currently enjoying some ‘vacation’ time and will be fully back by January 7, 2008. I will make it up to everyone by then.

God bless everyone! Have a safe New Year’s Eve celebration!


I hate it when friends abuse my kindness!

I lent a friend some money back in July. I wouldn’t have lent him some if he really didn’t need it. I also trusted him not to double cross me. Boy was I wrong! Almost 6 months down the road, here I am, begging him to at least leave me a message on YM. I have left messages on his YM accounts, Gmail, Friendster and even texted him even if his cellphone number is always out of reach. All messages asking him to at least tell me if he can already pay me or he still needs more time. I was polite at first thinking maybe he has not gone online for a few days now and his cellphone was pawned to get money for his kids and all. I am creating scenarios in my head so as to avoid thinking that he has no more desire to pay me. And then I saw his Friendster account a few minutes ago. It says that his last log in was 24 hours ago. Tapos dedma??? WTF?!?!@#$!%

I left him an angry message telling him to give me some respect because I did not just picked up that money out of nowhere. Of all my friends…

Another friend is asking for some financial help. She might not pull something like this on me but I don’t know. I have a soft heart for people undergoing financial problems because I’ve been there so many times I know the feeling of drowning in a sea of debts. That’s why I help relatives and friends. I always keep in mind that when I was in that situation, I hardly had someone I can run to for some financial help. And now that I can do my share of helping, I want to at least give back the kindness I received from others before.

But with this situation, I don’t know if I will lend money to friends again.

I am really pissed right now!

Can you feel the Christmas spirit?

Not really. I just felt it when we went to Divisoria last weekend. Saturday and Sunday mornings, we were at Tutuban and 168 Malls. We bought gifts for relatives and friends already. That is the only time I felt its already Christmas because there are so many people around doing their Christmas shopping. But other than that, wala.

I just feel sad because you cannot feel the old Christmas spirit anymore. Those times we were kids when shopping was not really important. Caroling was the main focus of kids, eagerly awaiting December 16th. I miss the old times when Christmas decorations did not consist of huge, expensive “parols” bought from Pampanga or Gilmore Street but of a simple parol made of papel de Hapon. Christmas is so commercialized nowadays. If you don’t have enough money, your Christmas is doomed. That’s the idea injected in our minds.

I noticed that in our neighborhood, only 3 houses, including ours, put up Christmas lights and parol. How sad no? When before, after November 2, decorations are in full swing already. Now, it’s already December 3 and yet people are not yet in the Christmas mood.

Ask them why and only one answer will they give you…

Wala kasing pera.

Didn’t they know that with or without money we can all celebrate Christmas? It need not be an expensive celebration. We just have to go back to basic and celebrate it because of the Lord. A simple parol will do. It need not be an expensive one. Banderitas will do. And some Christmas songs blasting from the neighbor’s radio will do the trick.

Wait, come to think of it, do you hear Christmas songs being played on the radio?

Come on, let’s start spreading the Christmas spirit. It’s 22 days before Christmas… can you suggest ways we can celebrate Christmas even without much money involved?

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