Put Yourself First: 10 Self Care Tips


There is no denying the reality that, sometimes, life can just get a little too much for us to handle. It’s in times like these when we’re running low on energy and patience, that you need to learn to put yourself first and take care of yourself. If life is getting on top of you, and you don’t know what to do, read some of the tips below.

1. Binge Your Favourite Shows
With the weather quickly getting colder, and the nights drawing in faster, there is nothing more comforting than cuddling up on the sofa and binge-watching your favourite tv show. Since season seven has just finished, you may be wondering is GOT on Netflix? Find out now at netflixupdate.com.

2. Have A Glass Of Wine
Nothing accompanies a Netflix series better than a glass of your favourite wine. Just be sure that you don’t start using alcohol as a crutch to cope with life.

3. Get Some Sleep
Not getting enough sleep can have a lot of negative effects on the body, so be sure that you’re getting eight hours a night.

4. Write It Out
Whether you’re expressing your innermost thoughts in a diary, writing short murder mystery stories, or whole fantasy novels, writing is incredibly therapeutic.

5. Draw Instead
Sometimes it can be hard to express how you feel in words; In these times, it may be a lot easier to use art as means of expression instead.

6. Listen To Music
Music has the power to radically change our mood. Pop on some cheesy 2000’s pop and have a dance around the living room; I promise you won’t regret it.

7. Exercise
Whether you’re dancing around the living room, or hiking up mountains, exercise is great for us for a number of reasons, including reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. Click here for more benefits of exercise.

8. Meditate
Life is undeniably stressful, but luckily for you, meditation is a great way of reducing stress, and it only takes a few minutes each day.

9. Eat Your Favourite Foods
Like when you exercise, when you eat your favourite foods, endorphins are released, which help to reduce stress, reduce pain, and trigger positive feelings in the body. I guess this means that there are no excuses for you not to eat your favourite chocolate bar.

10. Get Some Help
If at any time you think you are struggling to cope with life, it’s always the most sensible idea to go and speak to someone about your problems, whether this is with a family member, friend, counsellor, or a doctor. It might not be easy at first, but it’s never a good idea to keep your feelings bottled up.

If you’re having a hard time coping with life at the moment, I hope that one of these tips or methods can help you out. Remember, that at times like this, you need to learn to put yourself first, and making look after you your top priority.

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Facing Up To Confidence

Confidence is not something that we are often born with, but it is something you can learn to feel. The way we feel on the inside is often directly linked to how we look on the outside, and while we are taught that it’s what on the inside that counts, sometimes that’s just not enough. It’s something that is a catch-22; if you don’t feel like you look good, you won’t feel happy or confident. The day to day moods we feel, our future career choices and even the people we plan to socialise with are all affected by our confidence levels.

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Our world is driven digitally by social media and thus, appearances are the first things we judge. Taking the time on how we look, choosing clothes that are flattering and learning how to use makeup are all ways we improve our confidence. We also invest money in cosmetic surgeries and surgeries for dentistry, including impacted wisdom tooth extraction. When we look good, we feel great, so it makes sense that when we want to feel wonderful we make changes to our looks.

A lot of what we do to look great is temporary, including cosmetic surgery. Fillers and Botox don’t last forever, which is why we need to take steps to identify why we don’t feel good about ourselves in the first place. Understanding that can help us to gain a natural confidence without the need for changes to the body like surgery brings us. Gaining confidence in yourself can give you the following:

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  • The ability to enjoy life. When you are unhappy with the way that you look, or you shy away from the camera and refuse to have your photo taken, you are stopping yourself from enjoying the world around you. It’s really difficult to get out of a cycle of low self-esteem, so you need to look into why your self-esteem is low and work on improving it so that life becomes something you want to love rather than something to be endured.
  • The ability to empower yourself. Making changes to how you feel about yourself can empower you to feel fantastic on the inside. Updating your wardrobe, investing in cosmetic surgery and taking a workout class so your weight is a healthy one, are all empowering ways to feel great about yourself.
  • The ability to celebrate yourself. A big part of gaining some confidence is to know when to feel good about yourself. Praising yourself when you hit your goals is important, as you can celebrate that achievement and know you can hit your targets.
  • The ability to shine socially. An introvert who isn’t comfortable in a crowded place will be more obvious than someone who is a social butterfly. The confidence that you claw back for yourself can make itself obvious in a social situation, making you feel amazing and making others around you recognise your happiness.

Confidence is not easy to come by, but once you have it you mustn’t let it go!

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Keeping On Top of The Important Things in Your Day to Day Life

Nowadays we are living increasingly hectic day to day lives. You’d think that with the progression of technology that we’d be left with more free time on our hands than ever before. After all, we now have machines to do our laundry and wash our dishes. We can find any information we want at the touch of a search button on our smartphones rather than trawling through books and files for hours. We can do our banking online. We can order commodities without having to head out to the shops and have them delivered to the comfort of our own homes. The list goes on and on. However, the increased convenience of basics and the speed at which we can carry out tasks has simply resulted in us trying to cram more and more activities and responsibilities into every twenty-four hours. It’s exhausting. So, for the sake of your happiness, health and wellbeing, it’s important that you dedicate an allotted amount of time each day to ensure that you are keeping on top of the important things. The things that can make all the difference between whether you have a good quality of life or poor quality of life. They are easy to forget or neglect, but it’s time to fix up and pay them due attention. Here are a few things that should be topping your list of priorities.

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Eight hours of sleep a day is essential for our happiness and well being… we all know this. So why do so many of us turn a blind eye to this information that has been proven time and time again? Well, we allow ourselves to run overtime and think we can manage well enough without following this sage advice. This may work for a little while. But in the long run, you’ll start to experience sleep deprivation, which can have all sorts of negative effects on our lives. First, there are the health problems involved: heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, for example. What’s more? Lack of sleep can harm not only you but others around you. Think about it. If you haven’t had quite enough sleep, you could find that you are more likely to experience a collision on the road, make an accident at work that could have negative repercussions, or forget to carry out an important task that could make someone else’s life harder for them. So, if you find yourself running on empty more often than not, it’s time to buck your ideas up. Make sure that you hit the hay while allowing yourself to get sufficient sleep for the day ahead of you. If you find that you are having problems, contact a healthcare professional who will be able to identify any major problems, such as insomnia. You can also make getting to sleep easier for yourself by taking a warm bath before bed, drinking a warm beverage, and removing distractions such as your phone or turning your television off.

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Mental Health

Mental health isn’t something that we talk about all too often, but it’s absolutely essential that we begin to be a little more open about mental health problems as a society. Why? Because so many of us experience the negative effects of mental health issues and are either unaware of what we are suffering from, or do not know how to seek help for ourselves. So, be aware of the signs and symptoms of deteriorating mental health and ensure that you seek help from the relevant sources as soon as possible if you do begin to struggle. From anxiety symptoms to bipolar depression symptoms, there is a whole wealth of information out there on the web that can help you to understand why you are feeling the way that you are. If you believe that you may be suffering from some sort of mental health issue, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. There are so many sources of aid out there that can hugely benefit you and improve your situation. From your doctor to private psychiatrists or psychologists, to other individuals in a similar boat. Speak out and be heard.

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If you find yourself rushing from A to B with little respite in between, it’s likely that you aren’t getting the opportunity to fuel yourself with the best nutrition possible. We’re all guilty of grabbing take away food now and again, but don’t let it become a habit. Instead of skipping breakfast, get up a little earlier and fix yourself a bowl of oats, granola or cereal, washed down with a cup of green tea or a healthy smoothie. Pack a wholesome lunch the night before and store it in the fridge, ready to grab as you leave the house in the morning. Do a weekly shop and stock up on essentials so that you have plenty of choice for your evening meal. Try to maintain as balanced a diet as possible to guarantee yourself the energy and nutrients necessary to maintain the lifestyle that you lead.

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Social Life

Social media makes it appear as though we have more friends and contacts than ever. But when it comes down to it, most of us feel relatively lonely from time to time. After all, a “like” may be nice, but a hug or a smile is so much better. So try to keep physical contact with your closest friends and arrange regular meetups. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy but will ensure that you both get to spend quality time together, bonding in person and strengthening your ties. Remember that while social media is great for keeping in touch with long-distance friends or casual acquaintances, it doesn’t quite have what it takes to beat a special day out in real life with your nearest and dearest.

Keeping on top of these few areas of your life may sound like a lot of effort, but it really isn’t, as you’ll be enjoying every moment of the process. Ensuring that you take the time to ensure that you get sufficient sleep, monitor your emotions effectively, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and meet up with your pals will give you the best quality of life possible.

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Are You Still Pursuing the American Dream?

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world emigrate to the United States to pursue something that has become somewhat iconic to the country: the American Dream. But what exactly is the American Dream and what’s the significance behind it? What draws people from all over the world to come and live and work in the United States?

Some would say it’s just down to the television they watch. American could be portrayed as the best country in the world and many people could come and flock to America so that they can live the American Dream. But what exactly is it? The short version would be the idea that the government can protect its citizens while they pursue their own dreams of happiness. For instance, the American Dream should allow immigrants to come into America in pursuit of their dreams, and the government should be able to provide them with shelter and help for them to achieve it.

It’s a rather noble ideal, but is the American Dream still alive and how can you pursue it? In this lengthY post, we’re going to go in-depth about the American Dream, the ideas surrounding it and how practical it really is for both Americans and people overseas.

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Pursuing the Good Life

The first thing you need to consider is how you can start your new life in America, or how you can enhance it so that it comes closer to the coveted American Dream. The first people you should really be speaking to are the experts from HackingLawPractice.com. It’s important to speak to people who are well-versed in immigration law so they can help you. Whether it’s to move you into America or to assist your family in coming over to America, pursuing the good life is difficult and comes with many challenging moments.

As long as you work hard, you’ll see plenty of positive results. Many people agree that a strong work ethic is absolutely critical to living the American Dream. It doesn’t matter if you’re working as a plumber or a freelance designer at home—everyone can put the time into pursuing a better life. In order to rise up the class ranks in society, you need to work incredibly hard and put your past behind you. Don’t think of or worry about the people that were born into wealthy families and forget the people that made their success off the back of others or a lucky situation. Focus on working hard to work towards the American Dream and don’t rely on random events and luck to get you out of a bad situation.

When you’re ahead in life, be it because you’ve got an easy job or a loving partner, make sure you never lose that advantage. Always push to work harder at your workplace unless it puts you at risk, and never forget about the people around you who are willing to support you the entire way.

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Secure a Property

Check out this guide at HintsAndTipsBlog.com to find what you need to look out for when you’re purchasing a home. Whether it’s a small apartment just for you or a large home to prepare for your family, it’s important to own property as part of the American Dream. You want to give you and your future family a roof over their heads and it also makes a fantastic investment.

As you probably know, buying and selling property is one of the safest ways to protect your assets against inflation. If you leave the money to rot in a savings account then it doesn’t do anything for you or those around you. Instead, it’s just sitting in a safe doing nothing. To remedy this, make sure you secure property as early as possible so that you have a safe place to live.

Make sure that, when you pick a home, it fits all of the criteria that you need. For instance, make sure it has enough bedrooms, make sure it’s got plenty of space for your kids to play in and ensure its close enough to all the local amenities you need. Never settle for less when you’re shopping for a home and don’t forget to bolster your credit history so that you will be accepted for a mortgage in the future.

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Educate Yourself

If you haven’t already enrolled in classes then it might be worth your time to start studying something that is relevant to your interests. It could even be a general subject such as business or finances if you need to learn those skills. You might think it’s boring or that it’s not worth your time, but there will always be someone smarter than you in your chosen field which means there are constantly going to be new things to learn. While an education can’t take you far like experience does, it does help you get a job or the credentials needed to start a business (if you haven’t already).

Educating yourself will help greatly if you focus on it. However, many seniors and older people will feel like studying is no longer worth the time. Learning skills in later life can develop your career or even change the direction that you’re heading. The American Dream is all about giving you choices. You should be comfortable to pursue whatever you like, but you should also be able to learn new skills in order to reach those goals that you’ve set yourself. The higher the level of your skill qualifications, the better chance you have of getting a well-paying job that is both fulfilling and relevant to your interests.

Pursuing the American Dream might seem childish to some people, but for many people that come to America, it’s still alive. You need to educate yourself well if you plan to pursue the American Dream and you’ll also need to cope with failures. Make sure you also secure a property and make plenty of friends that can help you reach the status in life that you want.

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A New Baby Brings A New Financial Reality

It’s wrong to think of a new child regarding their financial circumstances, and of course, you won’t. You’ll just be excited by the little bundle of joy that’s on its way into the life of you and your partner. But the fact of the matter is, a new baby will have a significant impact on your finances, and as such it’s important that you sit down to see how you’ll adjust your finances once your new child is with you. Below, we take a look at four actions you should take when you learn you’re expected another child.

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Reevaluate the Goals

If you’ve been taking care of your finances, then you’ll already have a financial plan and goals. That’ll need to be rewritten now, as you have a new person who will be relying on your financial support and stability. Once you’ve factored in the cost of raising a child, reevaluate your goals. You might want to put more money away for your child’s tuition, or savings, and this will have to be brought in line with your existing financial goals.

Practical Concerns

Aside from your savings and financial hopes, you’ll need to think about any practical concerns you’ll need to account for. For example, it might be that you have to view homes for sale if your current abode will no longer be big enough for your growing family. You’ll need to weigh up the needs of you and your family, and then find a place to live that meets these requirements. You may also need to buy a more family-friendly car, especially if this is your first child. Finally, don’t forget the cost of babyproofing your home.

No Nasty Surprises

Parents can sometimes underestimate just how costly a baby can be. As such, it’s important that you’re the victim of a nasty surprise once your child arrives. To avoid this from happening, make a budget for everything you might need for a new child; and then multiply it by another quarter. There’ll be no way you’re able to budget for every eventuality, especially as there are many hidden costs of a new child, so you’ll want to give yourself some wiggle room when it comes to your budget.

Automate Your Savings and Investments

Some parents can get some preoccupied with their new child that they forget to keep an eye on their other financial goals. You’ll be too busy with sleepless nights and the like to stay on top of your finances. Therefore, it’s a good idea to automate your savings and investments so that they keep ticking over even when you don’t have the time to take care of them manually.

Final Thoughts

There’s no getting around the fact that a new child will cost you a lot of money. However, with a little bit of sensible preparation, you can make sure that you’re able to take the new financial reality in your stride. With that taken care of, you’ll be able just to enjoy all the joys of having a new baby in your life!

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