3 Signs You Should Call A Plumber Immediately

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When you’re at home, you’d like to believe that you’ve got everything under control, but it’s not always that simple. Some things are simply not something you can handle – and plumbing is often an example of that. Plumbing issues are going to happen to every homeowner at some point in time, and it’s important that when you encounter them, you handle them properly.

A lot of homeowners may try to tackle these issues themselves, and while you might make an effort that seems successful – you can never be too careful. Usually, it’s best if you let the experts handle these issues.

Sink water drains slowly

If your sink is draining slower than usual, it might not be too alarming at first. As long as there’s no leak, it’s just a minor issue, right? Well, the problem is that this usually means that there’s a blockage somewhere in the pipes. The blockage could be anything, like food, hair, objects that should never have made it into the pipes in the first place, and otherwise. There’s no telling how far down the blockage goes, and it can be difficult to clear out if you try to handle it yourself.

A plumber could be there in a short period of time and have your sink unblocked within minutes using their specialized tools. It saves you from risking putting anything in your sink and further blocking it or making the issue worse.

Leaking pipes

If you’ve noticed that your pipes are leaking, whether that’s under your sink, near your radiators, or elsewhere – it’s important that you call plumbing repair services immediately. This problem could be more serious than you realize, and putting it off can lead to the issue getting much worse. A small hairline crack in your pipes may only leak a tiny amount of water – but leaving it to get worse could make the problem so much worse. What was once a small drip, is now water gushing out at an amount that’s far too much to contain.

Call your plumber when you notice any leakages, and get it fixed before it’s too late. Sure, repairs can cost you a small sum upfront, but it’s much better to pay for that than having serious water damage in your home. Damp floorboards and ruined belongings simply aren’t worth the risk.

You smell sewage

Sewage isn’t a smell any homeowner should have to put up with, and you should do something about it immediately. If the smell doesn’t go away in a short time, then it’s a sign that your drain pipe isn’t draining properly – and could be blocked for any number of reasons. Instead of trying to live with the smell, you should call a plumber to investigate the issue and potentially solve it. Leaving it could mean the problem gets worse, and your water can become unsanitary if you’re not careful. Don’t hesitate, and get the help of a professional as soon as you can.

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Tips To Improve Your Home’s Efficiency And Save Money

Living in 2023 means your expenses are likely through the roof. It’s not cheap to own a home, especially when it comes to your household expenditures. Utility bills can be costly and no property is immune to damage over time from wear and tear.

Improving your home’s efficiency is something that can not only help keep your property in good condition but it’ll also save you money in the process. Being able to save money is something you’ll appreciate, especially when it comes to spending that hard-earned cash on yourself instead!

With that in mind, here are some top tips to help improve your home’s efficiency and save money this year.

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Get your HVAC serviced

When it comes to HVAC, it has a habit of breaking down once the summer months roll around. Getting your HVAC serviced is a great way to ensure your home remains cool during the summer and toasty during those colder months.

Ensuring your HVAC is serviced regularly because that way, you avoid running into problems regularly. Instead, you can get on with your days without the fear of the HVAC breaking down every other day.

Use trusted HVAC experts to make sure your appliance is performing at the best it can do regardless of its age.

Maintain an ongoing maintenance checklist

To help keep your home in good condition all year round, make sure you’ve got an ongoing maintenance checklist. This will help greatly with keeping a watchful eye over the various must-dos in the home. From clearing out your gutters to making sure your windows and doors are sealed properly, it’s all useful to keep your home performing efficiently.

Having an ongoing maintenance checklist is important because otherwise, a lot of these tasks can be forgotten about. Once they’re forgotten about, they can end up causing problems.

Draught-proof any windows or doors

Draught-proofing your windows or doors is an essential when you’re trying to improve the efficiency around your home. Making sure the sealant around your windows and doors will help keep the hot air in and the cold out during those cooler months.

Equally, they help to keep those windows and doors, in good condition for the long run. Ideally, the average window or door should last at least fifteen years. Some last up to thirty years if maintained properly.

Minimize usage of your laundry machines

Laundry machines are an energy guzzler when it comes to your utility bills. You want to reduce the usage of these laundry machines as best as possible if you haven’t already. By minimizing the usage, you’re going to help keep your utility bills low. Not only that but you’re also going to help the environment by keeping those carbon emissions down too.

Be mindful of water usage

Finally, just like any other utility usage, make sure you’re being mindful of your water usage. It’s easy to use a lot of water as a household, even for those living alone or as a couple. Be mindful of how much you’re using.

With these tips, you’ll not only improve your home’s efficiency but your wallet too!

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Save on utility bills.

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Here are two major suggestions on how to save on utility bills at home.

Get your major appliances checked by a professional.
The idea is to make sure that each energy-consuming appliance you have at home is not sucking money out from you. If the appliances you have at home are inverter and energy-efficient, you just need to have it checked if still in good working condition. Also, keep in mind that each appliance has a lifespan. Have the professional expert check it as well to make sure there is no chance of the appliance getting burned, causing fire, or anything like that.

A neighbor came to mind right now. They had this top-of-the-line gas range oven and it gave them years of great service. But one day, while the woman of the house was roasting a chicken, the gas oven suddenly blew up. It was such a huge blast that a part of their house had a big hole where the oven was. It was a good thing that nobody got hurt when it happened. The woman of the house was checking her laundry when it happened. Do you what caused the blast? Short circuit. The electrical outlet where the oven was plugged got wet and it caused the short circuit, in turn causing the oven to blow up. Had an expert was able to check it, nothing like that would happen.

So, get an expert on appliances and electrical outlets to your home as soon as possible. Get everything checked. It will not only save you on utility bills but also prevent accidents from happening.

You need to install energy-efficient windows for your home.
The idea is not to let the HVAC use too much power in order to make the house cool/warm. If the windows can ward off the heat of the sun or the cold of the winter, then you will no longer consume too much energy, thus, saving you on utility bill. There is also no need to turn on the light when you have good windows installed, even when inside the house it is a bit dark.

Generally speaking, there are many ways on how we can all save on our household bills. We just need to research and get a professional’s advice on how to. We also need to act on it and be consistent especially on the frequency of check and maintenance of our homes. For our home, we make sure we get the electrical wirings and outlets, including the breakers, checked once a year. Pest control is once a year for the major one, every quarter thereafter for check-ups. Check of major appliances once a year, too. And the water supply connection once every two to three years, unless there’s a leak then a major check-up will be done right away.

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DIY Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen in my sister’s house is tiny. Only two to three people can fit in it and navigate it at the same time. It is a small condominium unit, anyway, so it can’t be expected to house a big kitchen. My sister and I were talking a few weeks back about how to do-it-yourself (DIY) renovate your old kitchen and we came up with some ideas to get it started.

1. Demolition. We will do the demolition of the old kitchen ourselves. My sister’s boyfriend will help, here and there, as he’s busy with work but there’s another set of hands we can use. We already checked what can be saved. The kitchen cabinets will need fresh paint and some sprucing up but it can still be used. Also, the appliances. Just some cleaning and strategic placements in the new kitchen will do.

2. Kitchen tiles. We browsed great kitchen ideas online and we found some very useful ideas on how to make her kitchen look big. We will utilize the area designated for washer and dryer. My sister goes to a self-serve laundry establishment. Easier and more convenient for her.

So, we agreed that we can do the kitchen tiles, backsplash, ourselves. Anyway, it is just a small area on the wall and we can easily DIY it.

A side note. Another sister and I are obsessed with home renovations on TV. We just love how each room in the house gets transformed from drab to fabulous right before our eyes. We religiously watch a couple of shows so you can say we’re “experts” on reno.

3. Over-all design and layout. We plan on getting an expert to draw it for us but the over-all design and layout of the new kitchen will come from us. No more washer and dryer area and instead, it will house the oven and the new refrigerator.

All the other aspects of the kitchen renovation will be left to experts. Electricity for the lighting and appliances is best left to a professional. We don’t want to cause a fire. Also, the kitchen counters. It would be easy to just get it cemented and we can tile it. My sister wants a butcher block, though. That is something beyond us so we will leave it to a professional, too. My sister’s boyfriend knows someone who can customize a butcher block regardless of the size and shape you want.

The kitchen floor will stay as is. It is hardwood kitchen flooring and it is still as good as new.

My sister actually knows how to take care of her unit really well. She gets it cleaned from front to back every six months. She got it repainted in white after three and a half years of living it. I just know this DIY kitchen renovation we talked about will get her place more organized and looking like brand new after.

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Your refrigerator’s lifespan.

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I am saving up to buy a new refrigerator. A bigger one, two-door, and with an efficient, energy-saving motor running it. We have a regular-sized one right now and it’s been with us for roughly seven years already. It is still in good working condition but the storage capacity is not enough for the family anymore.

Again, the pandemic has made us realize and discover so many things at home. The fridge is one of my discoveries. There is not enough room for everyone’s stuff. We went grocery-shopping and stashed consumables good for two to three weeks at a time. The fridge was always packed to capacity! Cash flow was unpredictable that time so I told myself that I would buy a bigger fridge when the economy is more stable than it was back then.

I started searching for the best refrigerator for a big family like us. I found a 29.5 cubic feet two-door refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom. Yes, it is energy-efficient, an inverter. Our current refrigerator will still be used so I am also making sure that there is an efficient appliance repair services nearby. Just in case it breaks down unexpectedly.

But let us talk about a refrigerator’s lifespan. Majority says that it lasts for ten years, while some say that it lasts up to twenty five years depending on the usage and maintenance. I believe the latter. Growing up, we had a heavy-duty fridge that lasted for years and years. I was not able to count it but, if I am not mistaken, it was replaced when I graduated from college. I think I was the one who replaced it. My parents wanted to keep it but we were advised by an appliance expert to replace it since it is consuming so much energy, the fridge being an old one without an energy-saving motor running it. Most likely, it served us for a minimum of fifteen years.

According to the US Department of Energy, refrigerators can last approximately up to twelve years. If your refrigerator has been running for more than that, have an expert check it because it might be time to replace it with a brand new one. It might cost you a lot now but it will actually save you some money in the long run. It was the same advice given to us by the appliance expert who checked our old fridge.

My suggestion to large families like us who live in a single house unit, get professional experts to check on your appliances. Make sure it is not taking too much from you but instead serving you while at the same time saving money for being efficient.

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Hobbies and a passion for cooking.

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I think it is safe to say that one of the good things that came out of this global pandemic is that a lot of individuals have discovered their passion for cooking. It can be baking breads and pastries, and to pasta making. I am sure one of your family members, friends, relatives have suddenly developed a passion for anything kitchen-related. Am I right? My sister discovered that she is actually into baking. She began just last year. She started baking loaves. Her banana loaf bread is to-die-for! She is now selling her baked goodies online which includes customized cakes.

I remember when I was asked to clean and repair your stove by my other sister. I thought she was just being nit-picky about stuff around the house but it turned out that my sisters had been talking about putting up an online bakery for the goods baker-sister was slowly trying out and producing. We prepared the kitchen, bought an oven, gathered baking tools, utensils and bowls, as well as baking ingredients. We made sure there is enough storage for my baker-sister to use. And, then, it all began.

I once read that a person should have at least three kinds of hobbies: an investment/money-making hobby, a physical hobby, and, a creative hobby.

Investment/Money-making Hobby
As the name suggests, this type of hobby should be a source of a passive income for you. A potential to become a big business in the long run would be best. I love writing. I once dreamed of becoming a journalist but, well, life interfered and I became an accountant. But nothing can stop me from doing what I love the most. I began writing articles several years ago. Writing became a side hustle for me.

Physical Hobby
It could be any sport you feel like participating in. Or a exercise. Maybe, hiking or walking. It can be any kind of hobby that will enhance your physical well-being. Dancing can be one, too! This kind of hobby is obviously for your health.

My physical hobby is walking. I just love it! But I have another in mind that I would want to try… yoga. I feel like I am too overweight for it. Well, there’s no harm in trying. I believe I will learn to love it because it will make my aching joints loosen. It might be a way for me to reach my weight goal this year.

Creative Hobby
This kind of hobby is for the mind and soul. Reading for me has become a source of peace and quiet. It became a haven when my mind, body and soul is exhausted from life. It became an escape for when I couldn’t deal with life yet. Find one creative hobby which will make you feel like your happy place.

I know you have your own hobbies but make sure you have at least three as I mentioned. Lucky you if all three is in just one hobby of yours. I think cooking can be fall under those categories. Right?

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A wall pleasing to the eyes

Home Wall Mural – Tulum, Mexico

Home is where I find solace and peace. For me, it is a haven where I can seek comfort and feel safe all the time. It is a place where my family and I can spend time together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

That is why whenever there is a chance to further beautify it, I grab the chance to do so. Deep cleaning, new curtains, fresh paint. Astek Home’s Home Wall Murals. Anything to make it more homey and inviting. To bring in positive energy.

Lately, I’ve been interested in custom wall murals. I just love those scenic murals for the home that I see online. You know how majority of individuals nowadays work from home. I do, too, three days a week and on weekends. So a home mural wall covering of a beach will be very pleasing to the eyes, a respite when already tired and overworked. I can already imagine myself staring at the home mural of Tulum, Mexico and slowly calming my tired body and soul… Or maybe that of Big Sur, California

I work hard not only for myself but also for my family. I must admit that there are days when the work gets to be too much for me. During those days, I find solace in a dimly-lit room with a mug of hot coffee, and some relaxing music in the background. I can’t wait to include a lovely wall mural for the home in the days to come.

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