Missing Mobile: Never Lose Your Phone Again

In the modern world, we are hooked to our gadgets. In fact, we struggle to be apart from our phone for too long. After all, it’s our main way of communicating with other people, whether that be via call, text, or social media! And it can be extremely useful for work. If you work from home, it can help you to speak with clients quickly. And it can be a handy tool if you need to check emails on the move. Therefore, if you do misplace your favorite gadget, it can leave you in a panic. After all, you don’t know what you will do without the top accessory. And some people even deal with Nomophobia; a fear of being without their phone! If it’s lost for good, it can cost you an arm and a leg to replace the phone. However, there are some ways you can avoid losing your phone in future. Therefore, here are some vital tips to ensure you never have a missing mobile again!

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Download the Find My Phone app

One of the worst things about finding your phone is being unable to figure out where it’s gone. After all, it could be in the home or even out on the street. And if it’s been stolen, you have little hope as it could be the other side of the country. However, there are a few handy ways you can avoid it being lost for good. For one thing, you should download the essential Find My iPhone app if you have an Apple device. That way, you can find out exactly where your phone is from logging on to your iCloud from any other device. As long as the mobile has some form of internet connection, you will be able to track it down anywhere in the country! And not only this but if it has been stolen, you can wipe your information, so it becomes useless to the thief. Therefore, they won’t be able to take any more of your personal details which they could use to make fraudulent purchases! And having this handy app on your phone can mean you will never lose your phone as you can quickly find where you put it. Of course, not everyone has an iPhone. Therefore, if you do have an Android device, for example, there are some other apps out there like Prey and Theftie which will be equally as useful for finding your lost phone, so it’s not gone for good!

Give your phone some unique touches

It can be a challenge finding your phone as everyone has similar phones these days. In fact, you will struggle to find another person within your close group of friends or family who doesn’t have the same phone as you! Therefore, if you do lose it, it can be hard to find your phone. And asking people to look out for it can be challenging as they might not be able to identify if it’s yours. Therefore, you need to make sure you add unique touches to your phone. After all, if it’s easy to spot, you will soon see it on the floor or in your bag! One thing you could do is get a vibrant case for your phone. After all, if it’s in a glowing gold or even a bright pink, you will soon see it in the bottom of your car or out on the street. And you could even get your initials placed on the back of the phone. For one thing, you will struggle to misplace it with other people’s phones if your name’s on it. And if it does get lost, you will soon be able to get your phone back. Also, you could think about getting a unique wallpaper for your phone. After all, there are lots of ready made phone wallpapers, or you could even make your own. And with this personal wallpaper, your phone will definitely not get lost again. After all, as soon as people see it when they touch the home button, they will know the phone belongs to you!

Always be consistent with the place you put your phone

You might be surprised to know that some people put their phone down in different places every time they come in. And it can leave them feeling confused about where they put the device. After all, it might have seemed like a safe place at the time, but now you are left confuzzled. Therefore, to ensure you don’t lose your phone again, you need to be consistent with where you leave the device. Get a docking stand for the phone which you can use to put it on. That way, you will know exactly where the phone is so it won’t get lost. Or put it right next to the charger in future. If you get into this habit, you will always put your phone in the same place. And then will always have your phone with you!

Keep some battery on your phone and have the sound on

It’s so easy to run out of battery during the day. After all, if you have a number of apps running at once, you are likely to be draining the battery. But if your battery does die, you are going to struggle to find your phone. For one thing, you won’t be able to ring the phone, so won’t be able to spot in your room. And you also won’t be able to use any of the apps mentioned above to trace your phone. Also, if anyone picks up your phone, they will get a black screen so won’t be able to trace it to you! You also need to make sure the sound is on. A lot of people have their mobile on silent if they are busy working or with friends, but if you lose it, you won’t be able to hear where it is. Therefore, keep it on low volume to ensure it does ring if you need to phone it!

And remember to keep on top of backing up your device. That way, if you do lose your phone for good, you haven’t lost precious videos and photos too!

It’s never too late.


Let me tell you something about myself that only those close to me know… I am a published local romance novelist. Yes, I write romantic stories. And I’d like to think that I may not be as good as the others, but I am getting there.

I remember writing romantic stories back in high school. I would write one chapter, get it read by my friends and those classmates close to me, then I’d get their feedback. I’d base the next chapter on what they wanted to happen so I write the next one and get them to read again. It became a daily occurrence in our classmate where the girls would gather around me, sharing the notebook where I wrote the chapters, passing it one after the other, and then I’d shyly talk to them about the next one. It felt too good especially when the feedback about my writing was a positive one. I remember my best friend offering to talk to their family friend who was a publisher for my chapters to be converted into a book. I was thrilled but I was not really too keen on the idea of getting my story out there.

Fast forward more than two decades later, after five whole stories written, I took a risk, left my comfort zone, and got one story published! When I got the call from the local editor, I didn’t know where to jump for joy or run inside my bedroom to silently scream for pride that I finally got one story approved and ready for the world to read.

It took three years before the first story got published but it was okay. I was still so happy because my goal is not to be the next romance writer queen but to just be published and see my pen name on the cover of a small romance novel.

You know, it’s never too late to take a risk and leave your comfort zone. It’s out there where you can reach your goal. Trust me, it’s scary but it’s all worth it!

Want To Help People With Mental Health Problems? Here’s How You Can!

So you’ve decided that you want to help other people who are struggling with their mental health, but are unsure how to go about doing so. Maybe you have suffered from mental health problems in the past and understand what it’s like to struggle to keep your head above water? Perhaps a loved one has lived with mental health problems for many years, and you know what it’s like to watch a loved one struggling to lead a normal life because of their mental health. Whatever your reason for wanting to help people who are suffering from mental health problems, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you find a way to make a difference.

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Today, mental health problems are more common than ever before. In the UK, anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health problems. At one point or another in their lifetime, one in six adults will suffer from a mental health problem. That means that around 10.6 million people in the UK currently suffer from some form of mental health problem, and that number is rising every year. The question that a lot of people are asking themselves is how can I help? The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can make a difference when it comes to mental health, here are some suggestions:

Volunteer at a local charity

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A great way to make a difference to the lives of people suffering from mental health problems is to volunteer your skills at a local mental health charity. If you have free time that you’re happy to give up to help others, then volunteering could be the answer. Volunteering at a local charity could mean all sorts of things, it could mean offering free counselling to people who are struggling with their mental health problems, it could mean running the charity’s social media pages and blog for free, it could mean volunteering in their charity shop. You don’t necessarily have to work directly with people suffering from mental health problems, you can help by doing other things, so if you’re not a great communicator or listener, don’t worry because you can still help.

Be an online listener

Another way that you can help people suffering from mental health problems is to become an online listener. If you’ve only got a small amount of free time to offer, then you can become an online listener. There are various websites that you can sign up to as a listener which allows you to listen to other people’s worries and concerns via an online chat. There are also apps that you can sign up to that allows you to listen to other people’s worried via an app instant messenger. It might not seem like you are doing much but even by listening to someone else’s worried and concerns you can make life easier for them. If you’re going to become an online listener, it’s a good idea to undergo some training first, to make sure that you’re equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. Most mental health support sites and apps offer training, but it’s best to double check before signing up.

Become a mental health nurse

If you want to spend the majority of your time focusing on helping people with mental health problems, then your best bet is to become a mental health nurse. Yes, it will require training and experience, but it’s an incredible way to make a difference. To get an idea of what the role will involve, take the time to browse mental health nurse job vacancies to see what each role involves – this should give you an idea of whether you’re a good fit for the type of work that you would be doing. Being a mental health nurse is a great way to help those suffering from a mental health problem, but it’s important to realise that it’s not a role that’s a good fit for everyone. So you need to determine whether you’ve got what it takes to work with people suffering from mental health problems day in, day out.

Spread awareness

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Another way that you can help people with mental health problems is to spread awareness. A lot of people are unaware of how many people mental health problems affect and don’t understand what they can do to help friends or loved one who are currently struggling. By spreading awareness about mental health, you can make it easier for people who suffer from mental health problems to get the help and support that they need. It’s not always easy to spread awareness about a certain topic, but it has become slightly easier thanks to the internet and social media. The best way to spread awareness is to share and create information that can be referred to as and when it’s needed, such as informative blog posts.

Run courses

If you want to take a more hands-on approach to helping people suffering from mental health problems, perhaps you could run courses to help with management. There are facilities all over the country that run successful anger management and anxiety management courses among others, that you could replicate in your local area. The fact is that a lot of mental health problems can be effectively managed, giving sufferers the opportunity to lead a normal life. It’s just a case of making sure that the help and support is available to them, which is where running courses come in. If you’re willing to get the qualifications to run these courses, you can make a big difference to the lives of many people within your local community. You could even opt to run online courses, helping people much further afield than just in your local area.

So there you have it, a few suggestions of ways that you can help people suffering from mental health problems. The fact is that mental health problems are becoming more and more common, which is why there needs to be more help and support available.

Why Property Management Companies Need A Reliable Accounting Software

Managing any business is at its essence an exercise in organization. Keeping records and track of payments is a big part of that organizational regimen. More so than most, Property Management companies need to emphasize this practice in good organization. Seeking out reliable accounting software for tracking payments should be one of the most important choices a business owner will ever make.

Finding good Property Management accounting software can make or break your business. Tracking payments and keeping reports in order can be a trial in and of itself. Having software to do that for you is essential to maintain speed and accuracy in your business. Another thing this can help with is when your business has to file for taxes. That monstrous task is a complex and intimidating beast to face, and software that tracks all of your business’s earnings can prove to be just the sword you need to slay the beast.

Property Management invoicing software is another thing that your business can and will benefit from if used properly. It can provide your business with a way to process payments online, customize and distribute invoices to multiple clients, and collect and view reports of all your data. The ability to organize your client and business information can be invaluable and save your company a lot of time and man-power. This can overall reduce your business cost in the time you save from being so well organized thanks to this software.

While running your company may be challenging at times, there is nothing more valuable than the time and energy you put into it. Having the means to stay organized and on top of everything in your business will help you to make the best possible decisions when it comes to your business, and the happiness of your clientele. Contact Merchant Account Solutions for more information about credit card processing and accounting software.

An inspiration to all.

It’s not everyday you get to meet someone very inspiring not only to you but to everyone around him. I met that kind of person almost a year ago now. He is an inspiration to everyone here in the office. A very faithful man to the Word of God, even sacrificing his own money to give to others.

Just recently he went on a trip, a mission for the church where he belongs. He saw the condition of the indigents of that place he and his group went to. When he saw the condition of the place there, he told himself that he will help in whatever way he can, even praying to come back to that place to offer his services to the indigents.

Yesterday, while he and I were talking about that very trip, he told me that he was checking out what guitar center raleigh is offering online. He wants to get some instruments for the indigents to use in their worship or even for their own entertainment. I told him to continue the good deeds he’s doing because I am sure he will be blessed a thousandfold for it.

Four Business Essentials That Every New Entrepreneur Forgets

Running a business has become much easier thanks to modern technological advances and the ease of actually registering yourself as a company. However, as straightforward as it is to startup, there are many things that budding entrepreneurs seem to forget because they’re far too concerned about their product instead of the integrity and structure of their business. As a result, this can lead to nasty complications in the future.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you start either. It could be a frozen yoghurt stand or a tech company that sources network security—whatever your ideas are, it’s important not to forget these four essentials.


#1. Targeting a demographic is good, targeting a fad is bad

If you’re trying to make a quick buck by setting something up that is currently popular, then don’t be surprised when your business falls over because the demand was simply not enough to support the sudden trend. You should be targeting a demographic or an audience instead of a very specific set of consumers. For instance, if the current trend among teenagers is to play with Disney action figures because of a recent movie release, then your business needs to be setup to accommodate children’s toys or toys in general, and not just toys of that specific movie.

#2. Don’t forget to hire an accountant

Sure, you might think that you can handle all of the finances of your business using a simple Google spreadsheet, but when it comes to more complicated matters such as estimating a budget and forecasting future expenses, you’re going to need a dedicated account. You may also need their help with tax issues, but the alternative is to speak to a professional firm such as Mackay, Caswell & Callahan for experienced tax attorneys. They can help you plan your taxes and other future issues that you may encounter regarding your income and they are indispensable when it comes to managing your finances.

#3. Remember you need a lawyer

Everything from interacting with employees and customers to setting up a new location is going to require the help of a lawyer. Not only can they defend you from lawsuits and disputes among your workers, they can also advise you on how to approach your new product, plan your new expansion location or even develop marketing strategies. Businesses are bound by law and what you can and can’t do is going to be dictated by the law, so it’s ideal if you have an attorney on your side to guide you.

#4. Your brand is important

The last thing that entrepreneurs typically forget is the importance of their brand. Not only their name but what their brand actually stands for and the culture around your company. For instance, you need to establish what kind of company or business you are from the beginning so you always have a set of rules to comply with. For instance, are you going to focus on excellent customer support, will you be focused on giving your employees the best working conditions possible, will you be at the forefront of technological innovations or are you focused on providing cheap budget products to your customers? Whatever your plan is, you need to have a vision and that vision needs to be shown through your brand’s recognition.

Coping With the Emotional Stress of Your First Prosecution

Out of all the things we do in life, being prosecuted is something we all want to avoid. However, it’s not as simple as being a good person all the time or avoiding trouble. Sometimes trouble comes to us, sometimes you make an honest mistake, and sometimes you cross the legal line for the greater good. Maybe you were speeding because you wanted to make it to the hospital to help a friend, maybe you were clueless about the shady activities your neighbours engaged in and you got dragged along for the ride, or maybe you lost control and got angry at work.

Whatever the reason, it’s an emotionally tiring situation to be in and it’s difficult to cope with the consequences that may arise. However, there are a couple of ways to reduce your stress and hopefully get you over it.

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Live and learn

Whether it was a car accident that you admit was your fault or something more sinister, you have to let go and accept what you did. There’s no use worrying about it and making your life even more stressful. You have to learn about the consequences of your actions and how you can avoid the same mistake in the future. You’ll eventually get over what you did and your friends may even bring it up as a joke, so it’s important to move on from your current situation and learn from the entire experience.

Seek help

Depending on your situation, you can get a lot of help from professionals that will help ease the stress and give you advice. For instance, if you’ve been caught driving while intoxicated, then you can get DWI representation with some of the finest lawyers if you do your research. Not only will they help you lessen the charges, you’ll also have an experienced professional by your side to help you lower your stress levels and talk you through the entire process. As long as you have people to help you and cheer you up, you’ll get over the emotional stress in no time.

Dealing with shame

One of the most troublesome factors when you are prosecuted is the shame you feel. Your parents might scold you, your friends might poke fun at you, and you personally might feel an overwhelming sense of shame in what you’ve done. This is normal, but it’s something you have to get over sooner or later. Everyone has made mistakes in their life, and anyone who is tearing into you with discriminating comments just to make you feel bad should be ignored. Accept it, move on, and avoid people who are making malicious comments.


Depending on your situation, it might be possible to claim some form of compensation that will make you feel better. For instance, if you were in a car accident, you may be able to put in an insurance claim to help you pay for legal fees, medical bills and repair costs of your vehicle. Money doesn’t solve everyone’s issues, but it’s a good start and will help you relieve some stress.

Opening a New Healthcare Practice Doesn’t Need to be a Nightmare

If you are in the process of opening up a new healthcare practice, there are a few things you should be aware of. Chief among these is the fact that you need to be fully and securely insured before you even sign the lease. There are a thousand state and Federal regulations that concern the opening of a healthcare practice, and these rules are far more stringent and rigorously enforced than those that apply to other types of businesses. As a result, you’ll need the advice and counsel of an expert local healthcare lawyer to ensure that you handle the opening in the correct legal fashion.

Hiring a Local Healthcare Lawyer is a Must for Your New Practice

Hiring a local healthcare attorney, such as lawyer Jerry Sokol or many other examples, is a must if you want to get off on the right foot. Even after you have successfully navigated the harsh tangle of rules, regulations, and other statutes and strictures, there are still other legal marshes to be crossed. The continuing success and prosperity of a healthcare practice depends on an ongoing positive relationship with the members of the community that it serves. This means that you will need to keep a positive public image at all times in order to expand your brand and keep out of legal trouble.

A Positive Public Image is the Lynch Pin of Your Ongoing Legal Strategy

Sokol and other professional healthcare lawyers advise practice owners to keep every single one of their activities as transparent and above board as possible. This means that you should always strive for maximum transparency, and even a full measure of public accountability. This openness will serve you well in times of trouble. If you are given a summons to court on charges of malpractice, neglect, or fraud, a local healthcare lawyer can point to your long record of public transparency in order to frame your conduct in the most favorable light. This is one of the best ways in which a lawyer can assist you.

A Local Healthcare Lawyer will Advise You to Keep your Public Image Clean

Your public image is everything, so the more that you do to keep it spotless, the better. This is an issue you will need to work at, day by day. Even if the charges that may be filed against you are thrown out of court, or mitigated in settlement, the damage that is done to your public reputation may take years to fully heal. The best way to avoid being embroiled in such a nasty legal nightmare is to take great care to keep your brand in the public eye, and with as much positive association as possible.

When You Have to Go to Court, Make Sure You Don’t Go Alone

Eventually, even the most well liked and trusted healthcare practice will find itself in a court of law. The lure of an easy settlement is too much for many people to resist. You will need to employ the services of a reputable and professional local healthcare lawyer to ensure that you win your case. This is not an arena that you want to enter alone. A professional healthcare lawyer will get you the justice you deserve.

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