7 Ways to use leather in your home

Leather is one of those materials that never goes out of style, no matter what year it is or what time of year it is. It’s such a versatile material that you can use it in so many different ways when it comes to interior design. So, how can you use the material that never goes out of style around your home?


Woven stools

A stool (or a few) comes in handy in every home. Whether you’re sat at the breakfast bar, in front of a vanity table or you use it as an extra seat when visitors come around, a stool is always a practical addition to any home. A woven leather stool looks attractive, is highly durable and you can even have a go at creating one yourself. Best of all, they aren’t expensive to purchase when you want a few of them for different rooms in the home.

Leather tags

What can you do with leather tags I hear you ask? Well, it turns out they’re useful for a lot of things. Why not add a bit of personality to your drawers by replacing the drawer handles with leather tags? Again, it’s something you can do yourself in your spare time and it’s a real form of expression for your personal space. If you like to have things that are unique, this is a great way of turning ordinary drawers into something special.

Leather upholstered bench

It’s such a shame when beautiful furniture is left to waste just because it’s second hand. If you’re looking for a bench, perhaps for the end of your bed or as a seating area in your kitchen, consider buying second hand and having leather upholstery cover the seat. It costs much less than buying a new leather covered bench and you get to make bespoke style choices. For example, leather doesn’t just come in brown and black colours. Why not go for something a bit more vibrant, like red?


Classic leather sofa

If you love your leather, there’s no better way of expressing your affection than choosing a classic and stylish leather sofa. The traditional leather Chesterfield sofa is an ideal example. A stunning leather sofa is often the centre piece of any room and the envy of all visitors. Even as the years pass by and the sofa gains some wear and tear, it will still look as majestic as it did the first day you saw it. A classic leather sofa is more of an investment than a purchase because they age so well and last so long.

Magazine racks

We’re all guilty of having magazines, books or letters lying around and causing clutter. A leather magazine rack is a great way of clearing the clutter and adding something funky to the home at the same time. It beats buying the traditional and boring magazine racks you find in stores everywhere and it will compliment the other leather accessories you choose to place around the home.


Leather bound books

There’s nothing quite as impressive as a library filled with leather bound books. If you’re a book lover, this is certainly one way to use leather that you shouldn’t miss out on. Books that are published with leather covers can be extortionately expensive, but you don’t have to buy pre-bound books to achieve the look you desire. There are many places that will bind your existing books with leather covers for a reasonable cost. If you’re feeling creative, you could even have a go at doing it yourself. Just practice on the books you aren’t so fond of before attempting your favourites!

Smaller leather accessories

There are lots of subtle ways you can give the nod to leather throughout your home. How about using leather coasters at your dining table or making your own covers for plant pots? Leather cushions are a fantastic way to add texture, colour and elegance to your sofa or even create a seating area on the floor for good measure. If you’re fed up of some of the existing accessories you own and want to give them a face lift, leather is a great option. For example, covering the edge of a wall mirror in leather gives it a completely different look without you having to go out and buy something new. You could even add leather key holders or leather storage bins to your room.

So, when it comes to using leather in your home, be as creative and innovative as you want to be!

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How to Use Neutral Colors Without Being Boring

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Neutrals are often touted as the best way to bring light and airiness into your house, but they can also be very dull to look at. Like a hotel suite or a rented apartment, neutral colors often wash away personality and interest in favor of cleanliness. But there is a better way.

The first thing you should do is get rid of anything beige. Beige is never a good color and it tends to wash out everything around it. If you want neutral colors you still need to be bold with your choices. Beige is a non-choice. So is magnolia.

Which Neutral Colors Should You Choose?

In recent years Scandi minimalism has really taken off as people focus more on the essentials. With these schemes, a bright white paint is always going to work. White reflects a lot of light and gives you a lovely bright room. Unlike shades of cream and beige, white lifts furniture and makes the room look bigger; beige tends to hug furniture which is cozy but not very attractive.

But white isn’t the only neutral color. Grey might be gradually going out of fashion now but a very pale grey or even something bolder is still a good way to achieve a neutral background. Get the right shade and grey can actually feel very warm but it will still allow your furniture to stand out. Plus, if you want to add a pop of color, grey will make it really stand out. And if you want to go a step further, black bathrooms are now a thing and the color could quickly spread to other rooms this year or next.

How Can Furniture Complement the Room?

If you are going for a very neutral palette, you should not restrict yourself to very dull and average furniture. The problem with minimalism and restricted palettes is that it naturally draws you to the details there are. This is great when you have truly crafted a piece, but not so perfect when your furniture is badly designed.

When you look at a designer furniture selection, you should be looking out for perfect detailing that draws the eye. You might also like to think about the materials you pick out. Just because you want to stick to limited colors doesn’t mean you can only go for one material, so mix up leathers, metals, fabrics and soft furnishings to bring texture to the room.

Can I Add a Pop of Color?

Yes! Neutral schemes are more often than not crying out for a pop of color somewhere in the room. It could be a bunch of flowers on your dining table or a quirky light in the living room. Colored glass vases are a great idea because they will cast beautiful rainbows onto your white walls throughout the day.

Having a completely neutral room is a very bold move because you need to find a focal point to draw the eye. You might think that adding a little color is cheating but actually, this is the best way to draw attention to the otherwise neutral scheme.

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Tips To Create A Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom

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If you’re looking to update your bedroom, why not consider a modern farmhouse style? You don’t need to live on a farm, or even in a rural area to achieve this stylish, welcoming look; You just need to create a casual atmosphere, while giving a nod to country living. There is plenty that you can do to embrace the farmhouse style in your bedroom, but here are eight simple decorating tips to get you started.

Stick To A Neutral Colour Scheme

There aren’t any set rules regarding the colour scheme of farmhouse style rooms, but, more often than not, you’ll find lots of white, sometimes with pops of grey, black, and soft colour accents to mix things up a little. Yellow is a typical additional colour, as it creates a warm, welcoming, and cheery atmosphere, so you might want to think about painting your walls yellow. To make your room look a little more interesting, experiment with different textures and patterns.

Mix Old And New

A modern farmhouse bedroom should embrace the contemporary while also celebrating the traditional, and, as such, needs to have a mixture of new and old, or old-looking, furniture. These pieces don’t have to match, but they also shouldn’t clash, and should instead fit together, as if they matched. A modern farmhouse style bedroom is a great place to display antiques or vintage memorabilia which would have no place in other parts of your home.

Consider A Fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to house a fireplace in your bedroom, then this will go a long way to creating the modern farmhouse look of your dreams. However, most people don’t have this luxury, so, if you wish you had a fireplace of your own, then you could consider installing a faux fireplace. Of course, this won’t produce any flames or heat, but it will look like the real deal, and so will look incredibly stylish in your room.

Get A Four-Poster Bed

If there is one piece of furniture that you should buy to achieve your modern farmhouse look, it’s definitely a four-poster bed. Of course, these aren’t the cheapest things to purchase, but luckily, you can usually buy beds online for much cheaper than from your average high street furniture store, so start searching the web before you hit the town. To give your bedroom an extra helping of homely, you could also invest in a traditional wooden rocking chair.

Choose Light Linens

White bed sheets are essential for any farmhouse bedroom to create a fresh and airy feel, so make sure you’ve got plenty. You can also stock up on pillows and old quilts and blankets, which you can buy from vintage stores, charity shops, and online. You an also check to see if your mom or grandmother have any hidden anywhere. Of course, you might not want to buy a secondhand quilt, in which case you can simply purchase a new, old-style quilt.

Add Touches Of Wood

All of the white in your room can look bright and airy, but it can also create a cold and bland space. To combat this, consider different ways that you could add colour to your room to warm up the space. A wooden four-poster bed is a great way to do this, as it is the focal point of the room, and draws the eye. You could also consider adding wooden picture frames, bedside tables, baskets, trays, and bamboo blinds, all of which will work together to create a much warmer atmosphere.

Get Some Greenery

Another great way to warm up your farmhouse bedroom and really make it feel alive is to add something living – A plant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re adding a few potted cacti, a vase of flowers, or a herb garden, as they will all brighten up your room in their own way. If you struggle to keep your plants alive, then consider buying a few faux plants, to save you the hassle of remembering to water them.

Add Farmlife Imagery

What better way to enhance your farmhouse style than by adding some farmhouse imagery? This could be in the form of a painting of farmyard animals or a farm itself or could be as an ornament or figurine of some kind. Both options are also great for brightening up your room and breaking up all of the white.

With these great tips, you should be able to design and create the modern farmhouse style bedroom of your dreams in no time at all.

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Focusing on Family: Does Your Loved One Need More Care than You can Give Them?

Family is the most important thing in anyone’s life. They are always there for you when you need them, and you are always there for them as well. Nothing quite beats the feeling of taking your kids to visit their grandparents, and nothing also compares to seeing their face light up when they enter the room. If you find yourself visiting your loved one more and more often, or if you know that they are struggling more with daily tasks then it may be time to consider putting them in a care facility.

The Decision

Guilt often accompanies the decision as to whether or not you need to consider a care home. You may find that you brush off the decision when it’s mentioned or you may even find it hard to think about. This can lead to the situation getting worse and it will also make the whole thing much harder as well. The main way for you to find out if your loved one is in need of a care home or not is to think to yourself, are you finding it difficult to look after them by yourself? Do you feel drained, excessively tired or even emotional? Caring for an aging parent is tough, but it’s important to consider the fact that the elderly often need care that you are not able to give them.

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Your Limitations

You will eventually get to the point where you burn out when it comes to looking after your loved one. The average caregiver devotes over 18 hours of their week caring for someone else, and you may get to the point where you try and do it for so long that the mere thought of a facility just feels absurd. So how do you know if it is time or not? The main thing that you have to remember is that your loved one will get a much higher level of care when you take them to the facility. They will be able to meet new people and they will also be able to play games and have full, healthy meals made at every lunchtime. This is a great way for you to know that they are being looked after and it is also a great way for you to have the peace of mind you need to feel
confident in their facility.

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Choosing a Facility

When choosing a facility, you may have heard of nursing home abuse and you may have also heard of people being neglected. You have to remember that this is not the case with every nursing home and that most of them are reputable and stand-up organisations.
It is more than possible for you to go and visit the nursing home in question before you take your relative there and it is also possible for you to take a tour of their potential bedroom as well.

When you do this, you can easily find out for yourself if it is suitable for your parent and you can also find out if it is going to be a good fit, so you don’t have to leave anything to the unknown.

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Fit As a Fiddle Family: Staying Healthy Together

It’s often easier to commit to doing something if you do it as a family. You hold each other accountable, and you get to spend time together, which gives you more motivation. Plus, it’s difficult to encourage your kids to be healthy if you’re not setting a good example. Being healthy as a family helps you spend more time together and ensure your children have good habits that they can carry into adulthood. You might be a bit unsure about how your family can be healthy together, but there are lots of ways you can make some lifestyle changes that will help you all.

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Cook Together

Diet is an important part of staying healthy, and it’s a good idea to get your children into healthy eating habits early. As well as eating together, which allows you to have conversations and encourage your kids to try new things, cooking together is also a great idea. Children can be much more engaged with their food when they have played a part in making it. They might also be more willing to be adventurous if they get to try something that they made themselves. Kids can help out in lots of ways, as long as they’re safe.

Look for Family Health Plans

Visiting your doctor, dentist or other medical provider as a family is a good way to stay healthy together. You can book appointments for checkups at the same time and choose a service that you know will cater for all the family. At www.fenton-familydentistry.com, you can read about how they provide for everyone from young children to older adults. There might be some things you want to look for when you choose a medical service. For example, if you are a parent with a baby, how easy is it for you to take your baby to an appointment for you?

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Exercise Together

Getting active together is another way for families to stay healthy. We all like to relax in front of the TV sometimes, but getting outside and exercising is important. There are many fun things you can do together, from going for a walk or bike ride to swimming or a trip to the park. Even doing everyday activities can get everyone moving. Mowing the lawn, vacuuming or washing the car are all productive tasks and they ensure that everyone isn’t just sitting around, doing nothing. Find some family exercise ideas at www.eatright.org.

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Stay Mentally and Emotionally Healthy Too

Mental health is also extremely important for both adults and children. Families can help each other with their mental and emotional health by being open and compassionate. Talking about your feelings and your problems can help everyone feel better. You can find out how at http://kidshealth.org. Of course, parents should be careful about what they share with their children. While it’s ok to tell them what you are feeling sometimes, you should hold back from sharing adult problems with them. You might talk about how you both miss someone, but it’s not your child’s job to listen to your issues at work.

You can stay healthy as a family by working together. Support each other to make healthy choices for a happy lifestyle.

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The Cleaning Hacks That Can Make Your Home A Better Place To Be

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When it comes to your home, you know that you need to keep it clean. It may even be something that you enjoy. Because there’s nothing quite like having a super clean and sparkly home. It just makes you feel so good. However, it is a hard job – and requires constant upkeep. This is something that can really stress you out. When you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s often hard to keep up with too. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you can come up with a few ideas that will not only make your home as gorgeous as you want it to be, but be easy to maintain too. Here are a few different approaches that you can use for that.

Do Things Your Way

First of all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This is your home, and you’re going to want to do things your way. Yes, it will be super helpful to you to have a schedule, but it should be your own cleaning schedule, not what works for someone else. Because your home may require more or less cleaning that someone else’s based on your lifestyle. So, by all means, create a cleaning schedule so that you’re able to stay on top of things, but find your own rhythm with it first.

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Be Kind

Next, you’re going to want to think about using the right products. With natural cleaning products, which you can browse Better Life to discover, you’re getting the job done but in a kind way. It’s easy to think they will be less effective, but they’re not. They’re just kinder to your health.

Focus On Storage

From here, you’re going to want to turn your attention to your storage solutions. Because when you want to make sure that your home stays clean, and that it’s easy to do it, you won’t want too much stuff out on display. This will give you more to clean. So with more storage and organization, your home will be clutter-free, easy to clean, and you’ll have peace of mind too.

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Cut Corners In A Clever Way

If you find that you’re always spending hours cleaning your home to your own standard, then you may find that you can reduce that. These ideas for cleaning your house fast allow you to cut corners, but in a clever way. That way, you’re being more efficient with your cleaning so that it doesn’t take hours, but still looks great.

Get Everyone Involved

As much as you may love being the Mom and taking the lead with everything, you can’t be expected to do it all yourself. If you are picking up after everyone, then what kind of lesson are you teaching your kids? That it’s okay to be waited on? That’s not cool. Everyone should pitch in. So it’s time to get your spouse and kids into shape. Because they can easily keep their rooms clean, help with the chores, and not make things harder for you!

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